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Take a look at the brand new Aston Martin Vantage FIA Formula 1 Saftey Car.

For the first time in Formula 1 history, the FIA has made two safety cars available in the sport. The well-recognised Mercedes Benz AMG GTR from the 2020 season has been carried over to 2021, but the AMG has a colour change from silver to a vibrant red. The first safety car colour change in the last 25 years in Formula 1.

In addition to the AMG GTR, the 2021 season has a brand new Aston Martin Vantage that features the same dark green as the Formula 1 racing team.

Both cars will be driven by Bernd Mayländer and, in the video below, he demonstrates all the special features of the new Safety car. From onboard cameras and screens for race control right through to the boot layout, which is filled with the latest tech streaming and connectivity gear!

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, FIA, on F1 – Introducing The New Aston Martin Vantage FIA Formula 1 Safety Car.

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