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Is installing an aftermarket oil cooler really worth it?

In order to decide whether or not installing an aftermarket oil cooler is really worth it, you have to take a few things into consideration, such as what the average temperature is in the area you live, are you based in sunny California or in chilly England? You also need to think about what the use of the car is, are you just doing the odd breakfast run now and then or are you doing track days as well?

Basically, as the name suggests, an oil cooler will help cool your engine's running oil temperature. But, if your oil needs to be warm before you can stomp on the gas, then why do you want to keep your oil cool?

Well, even though there is an optimal temperature for engine oil, too hot may cause problems as well. Hot oil has a lower viscosity than cool oil, and if the oil is too thin it will not lubricate your engine components optimally.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Donut Media, on how to install an aftermarket oil cooler.

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