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It has been reported that CEO of Porsche indicates that diesel models could be on their way out of production!

With a few diesel scandals in Europe unexpectedly warming up, Porsche (part of the greater Volkswalken empire) is trying to move as far away from anything that smells like diesel as possible!

In addition to SEAT and Skoda, Porsche has managed to stay away from the dark cloud currently hanging over diesels in Europe.

The initial outbreak of emissions-cheating allegations by the EPA in the US prompted Porsche to stop production and sale of the Cayenne Diesel to some time, but the diesel versions of the Panamera and the Macan didn't draw regulatory ire in Europe and other markets.

Porsche is now signalling the latest generation of diesel engines may its last, Reuters claims. CEO Oliver Blume shows that the diesel crisis has started to cast a shadow over Porsche's use of diesel power plants. Industry analysts are interpreting Blume's statements as an indication that Porsche may not use them in future models – letting the current stable of engines run their course until the end of current vehicles' production cycles.

Blume has indicated a firm decision will be made by the end of the decade as a part of a greater engine strategy, saying "Of course we are looking into this issue. We have not make a decision on it". 

Porsche might already have one foot out of the door when it comes to diesel models, with the debut of several hybrids and the upcoming pure-electric Mission-E sedan due on sale in 2019. 

It is worth noting that without the ready availability of diesel models from other VW brands, Porsche would probably not go through the trouble of developing one itself!

When it comes to diesel models, Porsche has more at stake overseas than in North America. Its sales have not depended on diesel in the same way as VW's sales did, and it will have an easier time discounting diesel variants that its corporate parent!


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