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During a feature segment of the automotive TV series, The Grand Tour, Jeremy Clarkson explains why modern-day self-driving cars are completely overrated. He reviews a Golf 7 GTI that has been fitted with sensors that allow the Volkswagen to track the car ahead. It then maintains a safe following distance and speed that doesn't exceed the speed limit of the national road you are driving on, as well as monitoring the lines on the road to prevent you from straying, so you don't even have to steer...

If this is all true, then why are companies such as Google, Tesla and Arrival all investing millions of dollars into self-driving car technology when we have already had it for quite some time? Well, the answer to that is to further improve on complete future automotive automation. When we get to that point, you could quite literally catch up on some Netflix binging on your way to work in the mornings, without having to ever stress about potentially crashing into someone... so, if you look at it in that context, we are still in the stone age in terms of self-driving cars.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, The Grand Tour, on Jeremy Clarkson Proves Why Modern Day Self Driving Cars Are Overrated...

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