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Podcast show host and comedian, Joe Rogan, had a discussion with Matt Farah on dual-clutch vs manual car transmissions.

Both Joe Rogan and Matt Farah are huge car enthusiasts. As such, they too are having difficulty accepting the fact that the world is moving more towards newer versions of the automatic transmission over the traditional manual gearbox.

After debating how boring and bad automatic gearboxes are for true driver and car enthusiasts, Matt Farah had this to say, to which Joe Rogan agrees with:

"With the Chevrolet Corvette C8, they got rid of the manual and decided to substantially improve on the auto gearbox by including a dual-chutch 8-speed transmission. Which, for you and me, it's sad that there is no manual transmission anymore, but in the same breath, I kind of get it, because that's what progress looks like."

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, JRE Clips, on Dual Clutch vs. Manual Transmission With Matt Farah and Joe Rogan.

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