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Ken Block and the guys from Hoonigan bought a Ford Mustang 5.0 online for only $4000, and it does tyre shredding burnouts!

Buying an unseen car online comes with its own series of challenges and headaches, and it's usually just luck of the draw on what you're actually going to get in terms of quality, closeness to the original advertisement, and value for money.

This time around, however, we find ourselves back at the Hoonigan headquarters in Park City, Utah, where Ken Block and Zac Mertens decide to buy an unseen car online for the first time ever. They stumble on an old Fox Body Ford Mustang 5.0 that is for sale in Colorado.

The Hoonigan team decide to catch a flight to Colorado where they have arranged to pick up the Mustang at the airport. On arrival, there is no-one in sight but, after a few long minutes, a loud V8 roar in the distance catches their attention and, behold, the old-school Fox Body Ford Mustang 5.0 drop-top!

After sealing the deal with the previous owners, Hoonigan is now the proud owner of yet another Mustang, but it will be the first car the team has bought unseen online.

To Ken Block and Zac Mertens's surprise, the Mustang has a fully installed nitrous system which they thought was a sweet addition! After the long and tedious drive back to Park City, Utah, Ken Block was able to do some sick burnouts in their new purchase, which made the whole trip worth it!

Take a look at Ken Block's video on YouTube below titled, Ken Block Buys A Fox Body Mustang For $4000. Drop Top Burnouts!

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