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It's time for Ken Block to reveal his new project car, this one is called the Hoonifox, and it looks excellent!

So this is just the reveal of the project, not the actual car, but it's got us extremely excited anyway. Inspired by Ken Block's love for his Hoonicorn, that twin-turbo V8 Ford Mustang that wants to kill him, he decided to expand the Mustang range by giving a Fox-body Mustang the Hoonigan treatment.

For those of you who don't know, the Fox-body is just the codename at Ford given to the model of Mustang that was prolific through the 80s. It was one of the designs that were as far from the original Mustang as Ford could get.

Once Ken had settled on the Fox-Body, he got in touch with Ash Thorp, who is a Hollywood graphic artist and designer of the new Batmobile, and who also designed the Hoonicorn and the Escort RS. What many don't know about Ken Block, is that he has an 80s Miami Vice all-white fetish, and that was his brief to Ash.

As this is still in the digital world, there are a few liveries that Ash delivered, from using the current livery for Hoonicorn to a white-out version, as well as an all-carbon, with the sponsor logos ingrained into the carbon, and then a terrific looking, 80s-style white and lumo version that'll take all of us who live through the era back in time!

Smash the play button below to find out more about Ken Block's plans for the Hoonifox and why he loves it so much, and to get an overview of Asho Thorp's process of creating the vehicle in 3D.

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