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A souped VW Up!, called the Apex Sub 7UP, blasts through the Nurburgring with the very talented chap named Misha Charoudin behind the wheel – schooling the driver of a Ferrari 430 Scuderia in the process.

Yup, it's quite something to behold but, as our host, Shmee, rightly says, "There's more to the Nurburgring than just a fast car; as experience, understanding and proper technique are all vastly more important to complete a safe and quick lap."

First up, though, let's introduce the Apex Sub 7UP. This is VW's tiniest car but, at the hands of the chaps at Apex, has been transformed into a truly hot hatch. It pushes 125hp at the wheels and 250nm of torque, a modified exhaust with downpipe, a bigger turbo, modified suspension, uprated brakes, very cool aftermarket wheels and semi-slick tyres. And don't forget a relatively stripped-out interior with bucket seats.

Then, piloting this beast is driving instructor, Misha Charoudin, who gives us a blow-by-blow of the lap as he sets a 9:06-minute run. With traffic. Which is next-level crazy, especially considering how cool, calm and collected he remains throughout the video.

This is such a great video if you want to learn more about the track, how different vehicles react in different places and where the most dangerous spots are. He even includes rules and regulations many might not know about.

Ultimately, it's incredible to know he's doing this all in a vehicle that was made for the city, definitely not for what is likely the most famous and challenging racetracks in the world.

The Apex Sub 7UP is a great example of what a properly modified vehicle is capable of. One wonders what a VW Up Cup championship would be like with cars like this...

Enjoy the video!

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