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Mansory is doing the things again. If you’re in motoring circles and follow weird websites and social media accounts, the name Mansory is likely familiar. We have noticed that more people of the people we usually chat to know about the company, and it’s all thanks to YouTube, again. One of the most popular motoring people that we watch is Mat Armstrong, his rebuilds are brilliant and show that anyone who actually tries can fix any problem a car can have. The projects he undertakes are always interesting, and the way the work is presented is great, which explains why the has a few million subscribers. One of the projects that he has on the go right now is fixing and accident damaged Rolls-Royce, but it’s no ordinary Rolls-Royce. This one used to belong to Maunchester United and England striker Marcus Rashford, and to make it even more valuable, it was a bespoke built version from, you guessed it, Mansory. This meant that some parts needed were eye-wateringly expensive because they came from the Mansory workshop, even making the elite Rolls Royce parts looks sort of affordable. Ok, they’re also silly money, so much so that Mat bought a second perfectly running Rolls as a donor car because it would work out much cheaper in the long run. So yeah, Mansory has now been exposed to a few million of Mat’s followers now. For those still clueless, Mansory is a world-famous aftermarket tuning company capable of some of the most amazing work in the automotive world. They have a somewhat odd reputation though because the work they do is absolutely brilliant, but the styling is often a hit or a miss, especially when it’s one of the over the top packages, but the level of the extremes differs from car to car. Some cars are vastly improved with over-the-top work and others just look wrong. The thing is, extreme styling levels differ from person to person, extreme to one person is pretty cool to someone else, but I’m from Kempton Park and that means Mansory is boss.

Some of the more recent Mansory packages have been amazing, the P9LM EVO 900 Cabrio based on a 911 Turbo is just next level, and this new package for Rolls-Royce is on par. This is Mansory’s take on the new electric Rolls-Royce Spectre, and they turn it into a spectacle. After the Mansory fiddling, the Spectre gets an integrated front lip with side flaps in the area of the apron, a blacked-out radiator grille with hidden illumination, an ultra-light carbon bonnet with visible carbon structure and LED daytime running lights up front. For the sides, there are discreet sills in dark visible carbon, carbon fibre air outlets in the fenders, as well as blackened door handles for a stealth vibe. Maximising downforce on the rear axle, Mansory technicians installed a very cool spoiler on the tailgate that works with an aerodynamically coordinated rear diffuser - it’s quite subtle for a Mansory piece. These aerodynamic components are also made of bare carbon and, together with the carbon taillight surrounds, highlight the rear of the Spectre by Mansory. The rear diffuser can be ordered with a central brake light too if owners feel like they need to give more warning to people approaching from the rear. Inside the Spectre there’s fine leather everywhere, which is how the stock Rolls-Royce rolls anyway, but it’s just different now. There’s also a leather-carbon sports steering wheel and extended carbon inlays along with further fine but extremely effective accents in the interior design. The door panels and the dashboard have been outfitted with LEDs to create soft light throughout the passenger compartment to stylishly emphasise the countless fine details of the interior. There are also carbon pedals and high-pile floor mats that refine the footwell. The package is available with two wheel options, the Mansory Type FD.15 in either 23 or 24 inches. They can be had polished or in black, and only the black option is right. They also feature those centres that don’t rotate making for the coolest rolling shots. It’s one of the more subtle Mansory upgrade packages, and we like it a lot. If we ever win the US lotto, we may order one.

Take a look at the YouTube video from the crew at Mansory as they show off the absolutely amazing work they carry out on their projects. The company can easily rival the quality of Rolls-Royce which is already regarded as one of the automakers with the highest quality standards: MANSORY Rolls-Royce Spectre, Launch Edition | MANSORY

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