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The Bugatti Chiron hit the market in 2016 and was set to be limited to just 500 units, but it seems that a bunch of these are limited edition one-off builds counted under the total production run. So what you see here is the final, final and absolutely last Chiron to be built. Or so they say. It’s been dubbed as L’Ultime, and even if French ain’t your language, you can make out that it translates to Ultimate or Final. The base for the final car to bear the Chiron nameplate is the Super Sport, easily the best version of the quad-turbocharged W16-powered modern Bugattis, and it’s been given a proper bespoke once-over to make it as special as possible. When the Chiron first appeared in 2016, the colour split of Bugatti’s iconic Atlantic Blue combined with French Racing Blue that was intersected with a sweeping C-line of hand-polished aluminium, was unlike anything seen before and became the subject of posters in workshops and phone and computer background images. It’s for this reason that the final version of the car included these special shades of blue all fading in and blending with each other for a completely unique and typical Bugatti Sur Measure way of doing things. It looks brilliant, especially with the customised wheels being added into the mix, black wheels up front with blue wheels in the rear. If this was on a 240 SX that pulled up at a car meet, people would laugh and point, but this is a top-of-the-line one-of-one Bugatti and so there’s a lot of pointing but no laughing. Another key feature that looks really good is the hand-written places and events that helped to build the legend of the Chiron that are listed on the front fenders and doors. This Chiron’s legacy scribed across the sides of this unique Super Sport lists the Chiron’s launch in Geneva, appearances at Chantilly, testing at Paul Ricard, Molsheim where the car is created, Château Saint Jean, Cape Canaveral, and the impressive and legendary 300 mph run at the Ehra-Lessien testing track. Previous versions are also mentioned like the Chiron, Chiron Sport, Chiron Pur Sport, Chiron Super Sport, Chiron Super Sport 300+ and Les Légendes du Ciel. The handwritten number 500 is found on the wheel caps and under the rear wing as well as being engraved onto the engine cover. The wing mirrors feature the French flag and the grille is also finished in Atlantic Blue while a special horseshoe mesh was crafted with centered stripes.

The 500 number used for obvious reasons, is also found inside the Chiron L’Ultime cabin, along with a few more things seen on the outside. There is bare carbon fibre all around contrasted by Deep Blue leather and Blue Carbon Matt high-tech finishes with hints of that iconic French Racing Blue. The intricate, hand-woven Deep Blue leather is hand-cut and hand-stitched and can be found on the door panels. The work is as expected on a Bugatti - superb. “The Bugatti brand is built not only on pure performance but on absolute craftsmanship, sophistication and elegance, forming the very pinnacle of the automotive sphere. This very special Super Sport – the final masterpiece in the era-defining Chiron family – embodies those values, sublimely connecting such incomparable core attributes with ease and purpose. With this bespoke work of art, we have retraced the Chiron’s majestic eight-year journey with unforgettable moments that have taken place throughout the world, creating legions of fans for the Chiron, not to mention its countless industry-first breakthroughs and unique world-first achievements. This 500th and final Chiron model is a fitting farewell that captures a defining legacy that will forever be etched in automotive history and paves the way to a bright new chapter, starting with the production of the Bolide and the W16 Mistral and continuing with the unveiling of our new model in June.” says Christophe Piochon, President of Bugatti Automobiles. The main feature of the last of the Chirons is the same main feature as all the others, that marvel of technology in the shape of a quad-turbocharged 8.0-litre W16 that generates a stupendously powerful 1,103 kW with a massive 1,600 Nm of torque. All of this is sent to all four wheels and makes use of a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, which translates to the Chiron’s ability to hit 100 km/h in just 2.5 seconds with a massive top speed of a verified 483 km/h. With it being a one-of-one, and the 500th car that ends an era of awesomeness, we’re not sure if the car will actually go on sale or if it will be kept with some of Bugatti’s other special cars. If it does go on sale, it will surely cost a fair bit more than the Chron’s base price of $3,700,000 - or a mere R69,542,758.

Take a look at the YouTube video showing off the last of the Chiron range, the 500th car in the planned production run and the coolest combination of Bugatti blues and carbon fibre. Farewell quad-turbocharged W16 monster: ‘L’ULTIME’: celebrating the end of the incomparable CHIRON era. | Bugatti

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