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Hypercar manufacturers are known to produce amazing cars in limited production numbers to help keep them exclusive, and also probably because there’s not too many 1%ers worldwide who are into cars enough to buy them as toys or investments. Some of these places will also create a car and sell it as is, but then during the lifetime of the car they will change a few things on the car and then release it as a limited-limited edition, and Bugatti pretty much leads the way. When it comes to the Veyron and the Chiron there are multiple models available that all look pretty much the same and also feature the same monster quad-turbocharged W16 powerplant. While they’re hard to tell apart visually, it’s when you look at the price tag that you can usually figure out which makes more power and has less units available. In the case of the Bugatti Chiron that launched in 2018, we find the Chiron Sport, the 110 Ans Bugatti, the Les Légendes du Ciel, the Chiron Super Sport 300+, the Chiron Super Sport, the Chiron Pur Sport, the Chiron Pur Sport Grand Prix, the Chiron Noire and the La Voiture Noire - totalling a combined 500 units. But now there’s one more, and unlike previous models there’s no weird criteria needed to be able to buy one as is the norm in the world of hypercars.

This one is different because it’s a One of One model, and instead of having to jump through hoops and showing proof of previous supercar ownership within the brand, anyone with enough money can have parked in their driveway because this uber-limited edition Bugatti Chiron, called the Chiron Profilée, is being auctioned off through the world’s authority on exclusive automobile auctions, RM Sothebys. The car is a pre-series car that was developed to be another special edition but the initial plan was to cap unit production on the Chiron model to 500 units only and so when that figure was reached, the Profilée project was shelved. So technically there are 501 units, and that means this Chiron Profilée has just become one of the most exclusive models and it can be owned by anyone who wants it (well, who can afford it). The car features different aero with a distinctive horizontal split that optically divides the body in two parts, the Argent Atlantique colourway was exclusively developed for the, the lower part of the Profilée’s body is tinted in Bleu Royal Carbon, especially designed wheels in  “Le Patron” paint with polished aluminium accents. Inside is a first for a Chiron model - woven leather across the centre console, around the dash, on the door panels, and rear wall inlay. There’s revised steering and suspension, and the 7-speed DCT transmission features shorter gearing. In this version the 8.0-litre quad-turbocharged W16 powerplant can propel the Profilée to 100 km/h in 2.3-seconds; 200 km/h in 5.5-seconds; and 300 km/h in 12.4-seconds making it the fastest accelerating Chiron to date. It has been thoroughly tested too, at the time of listing at RM Sothebys the car had 396 kilometres on the odometer. 

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows off this uber-limited 1 of 1 Bugatti Chiron with a few amazing beauty shots and some stellar rolling shots which definitely makes you think you should be able to knock a few hundred grand off the price because someone else has already driven it : BUGATTI CHIRON Profilée: An Automotive Solitaire | Bugatti

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