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When you’re passionately into supercars while not actually owning one, it’s possible you’ve had arguments with people who say they’re too expensive and only used to show off wealth and to compensate for manhood things. If you’re one of these passionate people and you haven’t had this argument, it’s coming. One point they argue is true sadly, and that’s when the chunk in the “there’s nowhere you can drive that fast anyway, so what’s the point?” line. So yeah, technically, the only places you can legally get above the national speed limit are drag strips and racetracks. When you factor in how many people have supercars who don’t live near a racetrack, and also the percentage of supercar owners who do have access but won’t race the cars then you get very few people who use the cars as intended. Some owners do want to though, but at a circuit or a drag strip, it’s hard to feel all the car’s power thanks to bends and limited space. Hypercar owners have it even worse, they own cars that can clock over 350 km/h but the opportunity to feel that is almost non-existent. Unless you’re super-wealthy and own a Bugatti. The Italian automaker organised what they call a “once-in-a-lifetime thrill” for 18 Bugatti owners, although we’re sure after the success of the event, it will become a few times in a lifetime as these owners will surely return to do it again.

To let the Bugatti owners from around the world properly exploit their expensive machinery, the automaker arranged an event at Straight Line Aerodynamic Testing with JBPG at Space Florida’s Launch and Landing Facility, located in Kennedy Space Center, Florida. This stretch of smooth tarmac stretches an impressive 4.8 km in length as its intended use was as a landing strip for a space shuttle. Over four days in April, eighteen Bugatti owners got to feel the incredible power as well as the stability of their cars, which are capable of a top speed of over 400 km/h. “The experience of driving 400 is inspired by the vision of Ferdinand K. Piëch for the original BUGATTI Veyron 16.4, who challenged engineers to build a car that could drive 400 km/h in the morning and accompany its owner to the opera in the evening. Since then, the ability to seamlessly blend incomparable speeds with unparalleled luxury has been a core part of the BUGATTI brand identity” says Bugatti. Attending customers reached top speeds of up to 412 km/h, and each one received a personalised race suit and helmet and a certificate showing the driver’s name, date and speed to forever remind them of the achievement. Having 18 cars attend from around the world is impressive because it’s not cheap to fly your Veyron or Chiron between countries. The thing is, even for a set of new tyres, a Bugatti owner needs to send the car back to the factory for fitment and specialised balancing and alignment. May hey?

Take a look at the YouTube video that offers up a glimpse of what it must be like to have a bank account with more than 7 digits. 18 Bugatti owners finally got to drive their cars at the speed they were created to do at Kennedy Space Centre on the almost five-kilometer stretch of smooth tarmac. It looks like epic fun, and must be proper scary to feel anything over 300 km/h: The BUGATTI 400 Drive: A Unique Customer Experience at Kennedy Space Center | Bugatti

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