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Loads of modern BMWs look like they fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down, especially those with that oversized grille that popped up a couple of years back. Oddly, that has grown on us and when we spot one in traffic we give the side-eye and a smile.  Some of the cars do seem like they were designed to have weird looks on purpose which results in everyone talking about them, and as a result, there’s heaps of free exposure in the market. There’s that saying about all exposure being valuable, good or bad - well that depends on if your product just looks weird or if it’s a deathtrap, but you get the vibe. One that’s properly weird-looking unless you’re into sci-fi things is the BMW XM. The BMW XM is a thing that really shouldn’t be as powerful as it is, being a massive and heavy SUV and giving it proper sportscar power is asking for trouble. Physics applies, and when trying to reign in that massive weight from high speeds can lead to trouble - but do we care? Nope. Braking and stopping distance is an afterthought, getting ahead of the car next to you is all that counts. These BMW XM models feature a plug-in hybrid and were also the first electrified proper M High-Performance car. It makes use of an M TwinPower turbocharged V8 coupled with an electric motor that offers up a powerful 480 kW of power with a massive torque figure of 800 Nm and it can hit 100 km/h in 4.3 seconds. The Red Label goes one better with 550 Kw and 1,000 Nm of torque with a 3.8 second 0-100. The entry-level XM 50e is still pretty decent with 350 kW and 700 Nm of torque while using a turbocharged inline 6 as the ICE base. Yahoo, the controversial styling can be made better, subjectively of course, with aftermarket fiddling. The chaps at Mansory already have an option for the XM, and they just added more for those who want something different and not as over the top. 

Even with the odd dimensions and look, the BMW XM is gaining serious traction in the market, sales in Europe are racking up, and we’ve even spotted a couple on Jozi roads. Manhart has taken this opportunity to develop an exclusive exterior package made of high-quality full carbon for the XM. Under the name Thor, you know, that Norse god of thunder, the package includes attachments for the front, side, and rear of the XM making it a comprehensive visual change. The centrepiece of the package is the carbon hood with GTR air vents for engine cooling - which is a little odd because most of these are electric or hybrid so under-bonnet heat shouldn’t be an issue. For the front of the XM there’s an option of a two-part front grille frame, along with covers for the front air ducts plus additional add-ons for the front bumper including an impressive front spoiler. All components are made of full carbon fibre. For the sides of the XM there are long one-piece side skirts. The Thor kit offers up an extensive portfolio of changes for the rear of the BMW XM - there’s an expansive roof spoiler, a spoiler lip for the boot lid, a connector between the two rear lights of the XM, and a dynamically designed rear diffuser with two-piece add-ons for the rear bumper. In the near future Manhart will also add in carbon trim for the exhaust tips as well as additional add-ons for the rear bumper. The Thor package as well as individual attachments can be ordered in regular carbon in that timeless and classic twill weave, but they can also be had in forged carbon which is the option we’d throw our money at just because it looks so different - even though everyone is doing it now. For the chaps across the pond where these things count, there will soon be parts certificates including TÜV registration at MANHART Performance which means these bits and pieces can be added with no compromise of the law. To make it easy for those ordering individual components of the Thor kit, all parts of the kit can be easily and quickly installed using special adhesive and fasteners using the original BMW mounting points. The main benefit to this is that things can be returned to stock without leaving any trace - clever. If anyone is genuinely interested in the THos kit or components, some early adopters who commit to a pre-order of the kit will receive a 12% discount. We’re not sure what that means in Rand terms, but it’s gonna be decent. 

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows off the results of the Mansory fiddling on the all-electric BMW XM. It's the company's second option for the massive futuristic-looking SUV, and it's a little more tame, but it works great: 2024 BMW XM - New Brutal SUV by MANSORY | Cars Never Die

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