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Arguably even more exciting than getting the latest iOS update that offers a new look and tons of new features to your mobile device, Tesla just released a huge update for their customers to take advantage of that brings new and exciting features to their Tesla vehicles.

After installing the update, users will now have access to a dark screen mode for the first time, they will also have the ability to customise their quick access app menu to have their favourite apps handy and accessible with a quick tap. There are also new features for the blind spot feature, the ability to edit waypoints and even access new apps like TikTok!

Not to mention, there are also a couple of gimmicks thrown into the mix such as Light Show, where you can make your tesla dance to music and show off an impressive light show which was an easter egg back in 2015, but now anyone can access it with ease.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Later Clips on Tesla Huge New Software Features...

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