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Take a look at these 9 absolutely tragic car engineering fails that cost their manufacturers millions.

Car manufacturers are constantly trying to innovate and modernise each and every model of car they bring out but, sometimes, what seems good on paper doesn't always turn out the way it was planned in the real world!

Here are 9 terrible car engineering fails that cost the manufacturers millions to resolve.

1: Mercedes Benz thought it was a good idea to make their electrical wiring cables biodegradable, but as soon as those wires were exposed to the elements, they corroded and caused countless issues for their owners.

2: Toyota redesigned their floor mats of the Prius. However, they were not exactly secured to the floor, which resulted in them getting stuck between the floor and the pedals, causing 89 deaths!

3: Again with Mercedes Benz, this time with the G-Wagon. When the G Class AMG came out, the reverse gear limiter was not coded into the ECU, which allowed the car to travel in an excess of 60mph in reverse!

4: Pontiac was responsible for bringing us one of the worlds first cross-over SUVs with the Aztek, and was super innovative, to say the least! However, there was one major downfall. The engineers positioned the A/C overflow outlet directly over the cars ECU which resulted in multiple catastrophic breakdowns.

5: Ford went into partnership with Firestone on the development with the 1993 Ford Explorer which, shortly after its release, soon gained the reputation of its tyres exploding while driving! Firestone was initially to blame and took full responsibility, and then replaced over 6,500,000 tyres. Later, they found that replacing them with other tyres didn't solve the problem, which lead them to put the blame on Ford!

6: Between the years of 1988 and 1993, Ford built 7.9 million cars that had a faulty ignition switch due to its location being very close to the engine. This would result in the ignition switch overheating and cause the cars to stall, then, as a result, lose braking and steering.

7: The 2009 to 2015 Mazda 6 had an unsecured fuel system which would release a tiny amount of fumes when the car was static. This acted as a lure for a specific species of spider called a Yellow Sac, which are drawn to hydrocarbons such as in petrol. This would result in tons of spiders and webs clogging up the fuel system.

8: Toyota makes one of the worlds best pickup trucks, the Tacoma. However, the first two generations had serious rust problems due to their box frame design which would just hold water after rain, snow or driving in shallow water.

9: One of the most loved JDM cars, the Mazda RX-7, also had a major engineering fail. Owners would have to remove the rear suspension and entire rear subframe just to replace the fuel filter!

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