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You have to be super confident when you set out to make a movie about cars or bikes because car people are some of the most critical moviegoers. Even watching TV shows where you see any cars nailing it up the road, car people will comment on the car’s tone, the revs vs speed, the number of gear shifts and how a basic police car should never be able to keep up with a twin-turbocharged Lamborghini Aventador at full tilt. There’s a usual recipe to movies like this too, and so when someone makes a movie on the subject, they have to make a usual plot work as well as possible. The latest movie aimed at fans of superbikes and racing, the Moto GP crowd, is called One Fast Move and if the new trailer for it is anything to go by, it will be a worthwhile movie to watch. The filming and action look legit, the actors are not from the B Grade selection and there’s eye candy too. The movie features the likes of K.J. Apa, Eric Dane, Edward James Olmos, Austin North and Maia Reficco and looks to have been filmed in and around Atlanta, according to Google. Take a look at the trailer attached at the end of this article to see how much it reveals about the plot and the characters, but before that, the following is the kind of plot AI thinks will be a hit movie for fans of bikes and bike racing and then compare that with the actual plot.  

According to AI, creating a movie for superbike race fans would involve a mix of high-speed action, intense rivalries, personal drama, and a deep appreciation for the sport's culture and technical aspects. Here’s a plot idea:

Title: "Full Throttle"

Genre: Action/Drama/Sports

Plot Summary: The movie opens with a stunning race scene, showcasing the roar of engines, the blur of speed, and the fierce competition on the track. The protagonist, Jake "Blaze" Thompson, is a talented but underdog racer with a passion for superbikes. He grew up in a small town, working in his father's garage, and learned everything about bikes from a young age.

Act 1: The Challenge

Jake is struggling to make a name for himself in the competitive world of superbike racing. Despite his skills, he lacks the sponsorship and resources to compete with the top racers. His main rival, Alex "The Rocket" Rossi, is a seasoned champion with a wealthy background and a top-tier team.

Act 2: The Opportunity

Jake gets a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity when he meets Emily, a brilliant but unconventional engineer with a passion for superbikes. Emily believes in Jake's talent and offers to build him a custom bike that could level the playing field. Together, they form a small, scrappy team with a few close friends.

Act 3: The Rise

As Jake and Emily's team starts competing, they face numerous challenges, including sabotage from rival teams, technical failures, and personal conflicts. Jake’s determination and Emily’s ingenuity start to pay off, and they begin to climb the ranks. Along the way, Jake reconnects with his estranged father, who provides emotional support and mechanical expertise.

Act 4: The Rivalry

The climax of the movie is the biggest race of the season, the "Grand Prix of Legends." Jake and Alex’s rivalry reaches its peak, both on and off the track. The race is intense, filled with breathtaking manoeuvres, close calls, and high stakes. Emily's custom bike faces its ultimate test, and Jake's skills are pushed to the limit.

Act 5: The Victory

In a nail-biting finish, Jake manages to outpace Alex, winning the race by a fraction of a second. The victory is not just a personal triumph but a win for his entire team. The movie ends with Jake standing on the podium, holding the championship trophy, and looking forward to the future with his team, knowing that this is just the beginning of their journey.

It’s hardly a groundbreaking plot from AI, but doesn’t seem to be too far off what a decent movie could be like. The plot does sound familiar, and if AI thinks it's a winning formula, it may just be.

Take a look at the YouTube video that was recently uploaded to show off the upcoming superbike movie called One Fast Move - a movie that will either be a hit with the biking community or a complete miss - but it does look good if you ask us: ONE FAST MOVE Trailer (2024) | ONE Media

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