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There have been countless times where actors have turned down roles in movies they thought were never going to be a success, and rather embarrassing, to say the least. A good example of that would be when Will Smith turned down the role of Neo in the Matrix, which was later taken up by Keanu Reeves.

Even in the second instalment of the Fast and Furious movie (2 Fast 2 Furious), Vin Diesel said he will not be making an appearance, and he has openly admitted that that was one of the biggest mistakes he has made in his career.

Footage of the late Paul Walker shows him reveal how he got the role in the original Fast and Furious movie back in 2001. He explains how he would never usually accept a role before reading the script, which is what he did, and that his main motivating factor was that he wanted to play a cop. And that the director (Rob Cohen) said he gets to make out with a hot chick, to which Paul said: "I'm in".

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Access, on Paul Walker Reveals The Bizarre Way He Got The First Fast and the Furious Role Back In 2001...

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