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A biography called I Am Paul Walker is coming to a TV audiences all over the Fast & Furious-loving world and, judging by this trailer, it’s going to be emotional.

That moment when boys cried in the cinema at the end of Fast and Furious 7, with Universal Studios very emotional tribute to Paul Walker's roll in the Fast and Furious franchise, is set to repeat itself. A biopic of the much-loved, much-missed movie star and humanitarian, Paul Walker, is coming to US TV channel Paramount Network soon, and you’re going to need some emotional support and maybe a box of tissues.

Featuring interviews with his family and friends, plus candid video footage from throughout his tragically shortened life, the documentary charts from his early life as a speed-loving kid who would take his younger sister for rides on his ‘big-wheel’ tricycle, right up to his devastating death in 2013 at the age of just 40.

The feature seems to focus mostly on his two main lives: as Brian O’Conner in the Fast & Furious movie franchise that car people all over the world grew to love, and as a humble car guy and humanitarian who personally led a team to Haiti to help save lives after the catastrophic 2010 earthquake in the country.

This beautifully crafted 1m40s trailer gives us a flavour of how people knew and best remember him, from his love for his daughter and surfing to his acting work. Among the interviewees are his brothers and sister, two Hollywood directors, childhood friends, his manager and fellow Fast & Furious actor, Tyrese Gibson.

The brand new documentary aired on 11 August 2018 on Paramount Network, but timings may differ by location. In the UK, Paramount Network is available on Freeview channel 57, Sky channel 159 and Virgin channel 220. And soon to the rest of the world ... apologies in advance if we don’t manage to write anything that day!

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