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Take a look at these completely pointless car mods we all seem to love doing.

Car mods are a very subjective and personal thing to do to your car. They are almost an art form in their own right, depending on what you like. Whether it's streetcars, stance cars, racing cars, old school cars and drifting, there are still some mods that are completely pointless, but we still seem to carry on doing it because we love them so much.

Here are 5 pointless car mods that we all love:

1) Cheap tyres: We all know and understand why a cheaper tyre is never a good idea, but for day-to-day driving, they usually are fine. Unfortunately, burnouts and drifting are expensive, so cheaper tyres will in return make you feel less guilty of creating clouds!

2) Smoked lights: Smoked lights or blacking out your lights doesn't offer any benefit, in actual fact, it reduces the effectiveness of your lights but, if done right, it looks so good!

3) Spoilers and wings: Adding a huge wing to your car is a rather controversial mod. Deep down inside, you want one but you are far too scared of what other people think! If done right and not overdone, though, you can drastically improve the look of your car.

4) Stickers and decals: We like to believe sticker bombing your car adds horsepower but, at the end of the day, it is purely for looks and humour.

5) Debadging: Debadging your car usually makes it appear more sleek, but it actually drops the resale value, so make sure you hold on to them!

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Bladed Angel, on 5 Pointless Car Mods We All Love!

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