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The 992 911 Targa is back and sports retro details that channel the designs of its classic predecessors.

Although rumours suggested we'd be seeing a third body style of the new Porsche 911, a Targa top to had yet to be revealed. Until now, that is, when the Porsche 992 911 Targa was spotted testing before its release later this year.

The German manufacturer clearly enjoys going retro with this roof and, just like the 991 gen, this latest vehicle gets a single roll hoop containing three verticle slits behind the door windows. The fabric roof will likely retract electrically underneath the rear wraparound windscreen for that classic Targa look.

The Targa is the only difference between its Coupe and Cabriolet siblings, with all three sharing the latest wide-body underpinnings and bodywork. The good news is that this generation will be available in both rear- and two-wheel-drive and share the 3-litre turbocharged flat-six used in the Carrera S Coupe.

There will be the same myriad of personalisation options available as the rest of the range, and a slightly less potent non-S model will make an appearance down the line too.

With all of the under-the-skin similarities, we could possibly see the Porsche Targa break out of the Carrera derivatives it's been confined to for most of its history, and appear as a Turbo too. This could offer Porsche the opportunity to eat into the more classic choice of GT such as the Bentley Continental GT.

And there you have it, a retro take on the Porsche 911 that offers open-air driving better than the coupes sunroof but doesn't compromise your wife's really expensive new hairdo like in the cabriolet.

It's retro chic and goes like the clappers, what more could you ask for?

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