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Here is probably one of the most strange car designs ever, the Renault Project 900 – the backwards car.

The Renault Project 900 was a prototype car built in 1959. It featured a rather peculiarly designed V8 engine that was mounted to the rear of the car and positioned as low as possible, which in return allowed for a rather large cabin upfront.

The overall design was visually confusing, and gave the illusion that the rear of the car was the front and vice versa. However, as strange as this design was, there was a good reason as to why Renault designed this prototype like they did. The wanted to create a car with the best driver visibility possible and, in that department, they totally succeeded!

Renault has always been known for innovation, and is not afraid to try out new things even if they end up being a total failure. To their credit, they have invented features such as hydraulic shock absorbers, the drum brake, and the turbocharger.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Big Car, on Renaults Backwards Car – The Project 900.

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