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Here we see a glimpse of the radical hybrid's bodywork ahead of its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show – this is what it looks like when driving through a dark tunnel!

Even though the reveal process of the Mercedes-AMG has really been drawn out, the image below shows us a small look at how the Project One hypercar is going to look – well, when it's driving towards you in a dark tunnel. 

The teaser image isn't exactly a huge reveal, but it does show us that, despite all the Formula 1-derived tech under the hood, it will look more than a little like an endurance racing prototype on the outside!

This isn't exactly too much of a surprise considering that it's meant to seat two. But with that snorkel intake sitting on top of the cabin roof, we can sense some CLK GTR vibes (maybe even McLaren F1 vibes) and we're definitely not complaining. 

The estimated $3 million dollar price doesn't really help make the case of its attainability. But this car, as well as the equally nutso Aston Martin Valkyrie, represents a radically different approach to top-end performance than, for example, the brutally powerful Bugatti Chiron. So we're really anxious to see how this plays out!

A quick recap: the Project One combines an insane high-revving 1.6-liter turbocharged V6 _ AMG claims it's basically today's Formula 1 engine – with four electric motors to help achieve over 1,000 system hp and a top speed of 350 kph (217 mph). 

A pushrod suspension setup allows it stay connected to the ground – hopefully striking the balance of day-to-day comfort as well as on-track capability in the process. 

The buzz about this car has been around for quite some time now. But with a reveal at the Frankfurt Motor Show promised, we don't have to wait too much longer!

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