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Richard Hammond's daughter takes us through a day at home during this lockdown period, and how she helps her father to create videos for DriveTribe, in this behind-the-scenes video.

Unlike many businesses, some lucky few employers and employees can continue working during this odd lockdown time caused by the Coronavirus. Video content creators, for the most part, can continue production if they have access to a few basic pieces of equipment, a good dose of creativity and a decent internet connection!

Richard Hammond has the ability to create content at home, this time he is filming what looks like a video based on new and old Ford Mustangs, with his daughter working the cameras.

She takes us through the basics of her typical day at home during this period, helping her father film for his next content piece for DriveTribe. She goes through everything from her best practice to keeping hydrated onset right through to finding the most creative camera angles to deliver the best viewpoints on the epic cars!

Take a look at the behind-the-scenes video below of how Richard Hammond and his daughter continue to produce epic content for DriveTribe.

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