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Tesla offers a massive network of charging stations to their customers to ensure that their cars can be charged conveniently in many locations around the world which, as a result, gives people peace of mind knowing that opting for an electric vehicle is actually a viable option.

However, like with many other cars, people restore Teslas with the help of selvaged parts back to a working and drivable condition.

Tesla has now released a statement saying that they have officially banned salvaged Teslas from their massive Supercharger network. According to Tesla, thier reasons for this decision has to do with safety as a salvaged car cannot guaranty a maximum level of quality control and this might be a threat to the charges all around the world as well as other Teslas making use of the Supercharger network.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Later Clips on Salvaged Teslas Are Now Banned From The Supercharger Network...

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