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Tesla’s Cybertruck has been on everyone’s lips of late, after a long wait for the electric behemoth many wondered if it could live up to all the hype, and so far it has been. There are a few different trim levels available, the top-spec being called the Cyberbeast. With a name like that, it sort of sets up a few expectations on what the EV is capable of. The styling is usually the first thing people talk about because it looks like it was designed by a 5-year-old. It basically was, one of Musk’s kids asked why trucks all look the same, and so Tesla basically reinvented the platform. Cybertruck has become the first proper modern evolution of a truck since way back in 1898 when the layout as we know it was first seen. While most modern trucks we see these days all look quite similar, the Cybertruck is a refreshing take on things, unless you’re an EV and Musk naysayer. Tesla’s Cybertruck evolved into one of the world’s most successful and utilised platforms by a country mile and if the initial reports are to be believed, it will also soon become a top seller for Tesla. In the 4-year wait for the thing to be brought to market, thousands of people had already placed orders for one. The massive EV looks capable enough and also has more power than most cars should be allowed to have, but looks don’t make a useful car.

The other day we posted a bunch of videos that did a great job of showing just how good the Cybertruck is in many situations. The huge thing was seen in drag race comparisons where it showed off supercar-like performance, even nailing a Porsche in a drag race - and the Cybertruck did it while towing another Porsche. It showed that’s in a straight line it’s faster than any other market competitor. It showed that it has more usable power too when it outshined some competitors in a truck-pull test. One of the main points of the Cybertruck was to be a consummate off-road performer thanks to the high ride height, impressive approach and departure angles and the ability to send power to individual wheels to afford maximum traction. Oddly, there weren’t any official Tesla videos showing what Cybertruck was capable of, only a cool video showing the thing doing what every other truck can also do. Since customers started taking delivery of Cybertrucks, we’ve started seeing more videos showing off the capability. We saw a few videos showing the Cybertruck battling to do proper off-road stuff, but after seeing these new videos it’s clear that the people who didn’t get it right either wanted the thing to fail or they didn’t know how to drive off-road properly. Antonio Torres filmed some off-road exploits of a few Cybertrucks and it’s clear that when the driver knows where to actually point the wheels, the Cybertruck is extremely capable. Even if it wasn’t, we still want one. 

Take a look at the YouTube videos from Antonio Torres who subjected a trio of new Tesla Cybertrucks to some proper off-road challenges that would make any dedicated 4x4 sweat a little. It seems that with the right wheel placement and a capable driver, the monstrous Cybertruck can easily hold its own against everything else the market has to offer right now: Mars Rovering @TFLtruck @TFLoffroad | Antonio Torres

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