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We’re in the age of YouTube, and no matter what your interest is, there is definitely a channel dedicated to what you like. As is the case with all things, some are better than others but deciding which is better comes down to personal preference. There are some channels with great content but they have presenters with voices like nails on a chalkboard, and others have clued-up presenters but they don’t have great quality content due to the size of the channel and the income created. The automotive channels that top our watchlist all have a professional look and feel when it comes to filming and edits, and the content produced can vary, but it’s the builds that we never skip. The channels that are high up on our watch list are well-known in the circles we run in, but when the conversation turns to these kinds of channels there are always new ones that get recommended that we like to give a chance to before clicking that subscribe button. Our favourite channels are tailored around rebuilding, refreshing, modifying and restomodding cars, we love seeing a car that needs work to get it back to a driving state along with the process involved. Topping our list of channels for 2023 were Mat Armstrong, Throtl and Cleetus McFarland, but we also kept our eyes on Stanceworks and Mighty Car Mods.

Topping our list is Mat Armstrong. He’s based in Leicester, UK, and if you can understand his accent, you’ll love the channel as much as we do. The ex-pro BMX rider started in cars when he rebuilt a crash-damaged Audi TT, and the way he did it and the thoroughness of his work saw his subscriber list blow up. He started making real YouTube money the damaged cars started getting more expensive and rare reaching supercar level. He’s done some brilliant international collaborations too with the likes of Tavarish. Mat is great on camera, and he shows how he learns as he gets deeper into a project giving us the feeling that we could do what he does too. He’s also quite funny and his dad is a brilliant addition to the team. He has a few projects on the go at the same time and even has a 2nd channel that shows the smaller updates on his builds. Mat Armstrong has just under 2,100,000 subscribers right now. 
Stateside we have Tavarish on our list. He’s been in the game for a while and like Mat, he tackles some pretty big projects. This year he’s concentrated on a couple of cars, one is a McLaren 720 S that he rebuilt and modified, and the other is a rare McLaren P1 that gained viral status even before he got his hands on the car. It was first seen floating down the road after a massive flood after Hurricane Ian hit Florida a couple of years back. Over and above these builds, there are plenty of others on the go. The builds are as meticulous as they should be, and he makes an effort to show the processes involved and explains what was done and why. It’s entertaining and informative at the same time, and there’s a fair bit of humour involved. Right now, Tavarish has just over 2,760,000 subscribers.
A channel we stumbled upon a few months back is called throtl, and it’s brilliant. There’s a great team of guys involved and they also present what they do in an informative style, and they don’t take shortcuts. You can watch longer videos showing the process of modifying or restoring a car, and when the projects are done you can watch the whole process condensed into one video. The guys at throtl have an online store that sells all the parts they use on their builds, which helps fund things, but the best thing is that they give some of their builds away in a sweepstakes competition. Viewers can enter by buying something from the site, even a small item will get you an entry. The cars used for this are usually new popular cars, and the builds end up in a show-worthy state with notifying left wanting. Winners also receive a cash lump sum as part of the prize. They also build cars for themselves, cars to sell off and they also have a viewer competition. Here viewers send in pics of their cars and if chosen, they get a complete makeover addressing all issues with the car be it mechanical or aesthetic, and they document the whole process. It’s an entertaining channel that we now watch religiously. They have just over 2,280,000 subscribers right now.

Cleetus McFarland is another YouTuber we watch religiously, but he’s not at the top of the list because the channel is quite varied in content. He documents his and his crew's drag racing exploits, but there are also full builds in between which you’ll see if you follow the channel. The upgrades to the drag cars are brilliant to watch, and seeing the way the chances affect performance is great. He’s currently documenting the process of getting 1,000 hp out of a new-generation Ford F150 that he first turbocharged but has now supercharged. He also hosts various competitions that include sweepstakes that will see the winner take home a fully sorted car, the latest being a Jeep SRT with all the right bits added to make it a consistent 9-second quarter-mile car. There’s a great team on board and they’re a funny bunch who live for drag racing. Right now Cleetus has over 3,360,000 subscribers. Hell yeah brother!  Stanceworks also has great content that’s filmed better than most, but they made our 2023 list thanks to the comprehensive video series documenting his progress on K-swapping a Ferrari 308 and racing it in time attack challenges. The build on this car started in 2021 and it’s still going strong. There are just over 213,000 subscribers to the channel. 

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