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Ken Block was a legend, most of us will agree on that. In his short time with us, he did so much for all the different disciplines of motorsport he was involved in. He was the consummate competitor, an absolute marketing genius and he played as hard as he worked on the track. When it came to playing, he did things that most of us only dreamed of, that’s the bonus of being directly hooked up with manufacturers, having a healthy bank account and ties to Hoonigan Racing. One of Block’s hobbies saw him spending lots of his free time up in snowy mountains skiing and snowboarding with family and friends, and to make that easier he decided to have a 2009 Ford F-150 Raptor SuperCab modified to be possibly one of the coolest ones on the planet. He wanted the Raptor to be able to transport the family or a few friends up into the mountains, but they had to be able to enjoy the ride and have a view of the trail, and the drive too. The Raptor received a ridiculous amount of modifications, to start, the regular F-150 body was facelifted to look like a 2013 Raptor. The OEM powerplant was chucked, even though it was a normally aspirated 5.4 litre V8 that’s great in its own right, and it was replaced with a monster of a 6.2 litre V8. Not only that, the bigger powerplant was also fitted with a Whipple supercharger. This means the Raptor churns out a rather impressive 650 hp, more than enough to tame a snow bank. The 6-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel-drive system remains stock. The star of the show is the Mattracks 105M1-A1 setup that’s installed in place of the wheels, and they allow the Raptor to perform on any terrain. To handle the impacts of the backcountry a set of King shocks with remote reservoirs was fitted along with SVC-built upper and lower control arms, SVC long bars, and underbody skid plates. There’s nowhere the thing can’t go.

The bodywork was also extensively modified. The interior top section of the roll cage was cut out for additional headroom, while a rear bed cage system was designed to keep occupants buckled up in rear-facing Recaro race seats that match the ones in the cabin. The rear was fitted with a quick-release braai, a waterproof outdoor stereo system, and a Warn winch. To make sure any weather is cool for the Raptor, even the dark, a 30” LED bar on an SVC Baja front bumper and a 50” LED Rigid Industries light bar mounted to the custom roof rack that doubles as both a removable cargo holder and a system of handrails for board sliding and jib tricks. The rear features a dual pair of Rigid Industries D2 Compact LED Lights in both Amber and Blue. The body was wrapped in Monster Energy Livery with the obligatory Hoonigan logos, Ken Block skull decals, and colour-matched Fifteen52 wheels for when the tracks are swapped out. The whole package makes this one of the coolest and most modified Raptors on the planet. This is something not only for the Ford fanatic or collector, this is something that’s a memorial to one of the most iconic motorsport personalities of our time which opens the appeal of owning up to literally thousands of people. A few of Block’s cars have been up for sale in recent months, and this may be the last of them available to the public. The Ford F-150 RaptorTrax is listed at LBI Limited for $195,000, which equates to roughly R3,600,000. We say it’s worth every cent. The full spec list can be seen on the LBI Limited website.

Take a look at the YouTube video from way back when, almost ten years ago now, that showcases one of the coolest Frod F-150 Raptors on the planet that was modified in all the right ways to make it a competent off-roader in snow. Not only would it be cool to own based on the looks, usability and cool factor alone, but to be able to own something that was built for and owned by Ken Block: Monster Energy: KEN BLOCK SHOWCASES HIS FORD F-150 RAPTORTRAX | Monster Energy

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