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Modern Lamborghinis are awesome, no doubt, but there’s just summin’ cool about the 90s models. If you didn’t have a poster of a Lamborghini Diablo on your bedroom wall or the cover of one of your school books, you’re not a motoring fanatic. Well, not one born before 2000 anyway. The car was first launched in 1990 and it has the most insane styling, it was pure automotive porn. The Diablo’s production run lasted a good 11 years, and in that time a total of 2,884 were produced. That run covered two generations of Diablo, under Generation 1 there was the regular Diablo, the Diablo VT, Diablo SE30 and SE30 Jota, the Diablo SV, and the Diablo VT Roadster. The 2ne generation covered updates to the Diablo SV, the Diablo VT and VT Roadster, the Diablo GT and the Diablo VT 6.0 and VT 6.0 SE. In and among all of those cars there were a few special editions too, and the one that’s just come up for sale is quite possibly one of the most special of those special editions. In 1997/8, Lamborghini took a pair of the Gen 2 Diablo SVs off the regular production line and had them made in roadster format. Just two. This makes it one of the rarest 90s Lamborghinis, and for the collector out there, one has just come out of the woodwork after many years and is headed for auction over at RM Sotheby’s. It’s one of those sealed auctions which means it will be an online affair, and that opens it up to collectors around the world. This means it should fetch pretty decent money because there will definitely be more bids taking place than at an open auction. It also allows anonymous bidding, which means one of those 10-year-old YouTube stars can buy one for their toy box. This specific car looks absolutely amazing in that Giallo over Nero Torpedo Alcantara. Basically yellow with a black interior.

This car, chassis WLA12960, rolled off the production line on 6 April 1998 and has just 42,842 km, which works out to less than 1,800 km a year. It ended up at Touring Auto S.r.l in Milan, its warranty card details 5 June 1998. It was sold to someone in Germany where it was first registered in 2001. It passed through the hands of three owners in that time and was spotted at some elite events, but mostly stayed hidden. The car was later acquired by the consigning seller, another well-known Lamborghini enthusiast and collector who undertook in-depth research into the model’s history, reviewing factory documentation and even interviewing former employees of the Sant’Agata factory. As said, this SV Roadster was specced in Giallo over a Nero Torpedo Alcantara with yellow piping and “SV” stitching, the centre console and sills were specified with matt-finished exposed carbon fibre, the removable hard top roof was finished in carbon fibre, as too was the optional rear wing and side air intake blades. The front suspension lifting system also features. Making the rare car as special as it is was the SV-spec front bumper, wheels, interior with white-faced gauges, SV badging, and side decals. With the exception of the Geneva Motor Show prototype, no other open-topped Diablo would share the same suite of styling options as the range-topping SV coupé. The SV Roadster makes use of Lamborghini’s iconic 5.7-litre V-12 that was rated at 395 kW with 605 Nm of torque. Power was sent to the rear wheels via a gated 6-speed manual transmission. The estimates for the selling price are one of those P.O.A affairs, but we’ve seen clean Gen 2 Diablo SVs fetch near on $500,000, but with this being confirmed as the rarest road-legal Diablo in existence as well as one of the rarest Lamborghinis of all time, so it could fetch north of $1,000,000.

Take a look at the YouTube video from the pros at Carfection from the time they got hold of a Diablo SV to do an in-depth review. Of course, it's not the über-limited edition SV Roadster, no one in their right mind would hand the keys from one over for someone else to drive it like a rental, but it gives you an idea of how good 90s automotive porn can be: Lamborghini Diablo SV: Road Review | Carfection 4K | Carfection

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