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Red Bull just rocks. We do quite like adding a dose of vodka to a glass of chilled Red Bull, even though Karens around the world say it’s a health risk, but over and above their range of energy drinks, the brand does some absolutely epic stuff with some of the world’s top athletes along with the best racecars and bikes on the planet. The stuff you can find in the Red Bull Content Pool covers just about every extreme sport there is, along with the best in motorsport, including things with the Oracle Red Bull Formula 1 team. These guys keep all these professional athletes busy during their downtime, and we’re all better off for it. The latest video published on the Red Bull Racing YouTube channel is even cooler because it has a bunch of South African content. For this round of awesome entertainment, the crew tries to find out how to get up the infamous Sani Pass as fast as possible. The main question was whether you could get up Sani Pass faster using two wheels or four wheels. To settle the debate, two of the world’s best Red Bull-sponsored athletes were roped in for the challenge. Representing four wheels, they recruited our very own Giniel de Villiers, a race driver with a brilliant record in various forms of motorsport. His weapon of choice for the challenge was the Toyota Hilux DKR T1, a monster of a Hilux that was built right here in SA. It features a twin-turbocharged 3.5-litre V6 that churns out a healthy 298 kW with around 660 Nm of torque. It could be higher but the output is limited by the Dakar class rules as set out by the FIA.

Representing the world of two wheels, the crew brought Wade Young on board, a world-class Hard Enduro rider. The Durban-born rider is just 27, but he has some amazing wins under his belt, including winning the challenging Hell's Gate race in Italy when he was just 18, and has also taken wins at King Of The Hill, Roof of Africa, Extreme XL Lagares, Wildwood Rock Extreme, Sea To Sky, Enduro de LicqAtherey, Red Bull Megawatt, Red Bull Romaniacs and Machete Hard Enduro. He outclassed riders that have been in the sport for longer than he’s been alive. For this race to the highest pub in Africa, Young made proper use of his competition bike, a Sherco 300 cc 2-stroke. The bike is an absolute weapon in the right hands, and none are righter (yes, that’s English) than Young’s. The bike can obviously get over and through terrain that the Hilux would battle with, but balancing that out the Hilux can cover great distances on gravel roads at high speed. On hand to oversee the proceedings there was another South African legend in the mix, comedian Jason Goliath. He’s a true car guy and one of our favourite local funny men. He’s also rather fun to hang out with, but that Suzuki launch in Durban where we snuck up to the roof of a hotel to watch the sunrise while polishing off some bottles of wine “borrowed” from the hotel bar is a story for another day. The competitors made light work of the gruelling Sani Pass that crosses from Kwa-Zulu Natal into Lesotho, a 9-kilometre route that sees an elevation of an intense 1,322 meters from start to finish. For the normal man on the street, you need a good 3 - 4 hours to complete the route. Check out the video to see how well these two professional athletes fared…

Take a look at the YouTube video that pitches one of the best purpose-built 4x4s up against one of the best Hard Enduro bikes against each other in a race up the famed Sani Pass. To make it legit, Red Bul Athlese Giniel De Villiers and Wade Young are the starts of the show - along with funny man Jason Goliath: Dakar Rally Car VS Dirt Bike: Who is Quickest up Sani Pass? | Red Bull Motorsports

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