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Tesla has been controversial since it appeared on the scene with its first car, the Roadster released in 2008. The disruptive company has created some pretty cool cars over the years, and even though they have a reputation for poor build quality, the cars have undeniably led the charge (he he he) in the world of electric vehicles. They are also the leaders in self-driving cars, battery technology and marketing. As of July of 2023, the Tesla Model Y beat out the timeless Toyota Corolla for the top spot in worldwide new car sales. Yup, the best-selling car on the planet is a Tesla Model Y. The car isn’t even available in all the countries that want it. Those claims about the build quality and the other issues you can find in a quick Google search don’t seem to phase prospective buyers. Tesla’s range of EVs has been limited to passenger cars, but that changed back in November of 2019 when the Cybertruck was announced. Initially, the fully electric truck was meant to hit showroom floors in 2021, but that was delayed thanks to a host of issues related to supply chain problems and refining some systems on the thing. The launch was then meant to happen in 2022, and again it was pushed back for issues that have never been made clear. Now, almost exactly four years after the Tesla Cybertruck was announced, it has finally been officially released and thousands of customers who have been waiting patiently will start taking delivery. The Cybertrack is most definitely one of those things that you either love or hate, it's hard to describe the looks because it breaks every design mould there is, it’s big, angular and as futuristic AF. It literally looks like the cars I used to scribble when I was a kid, which is probably why I like it so much. 

In a massive event at Tesla's Gigafactory in Austin, CEO Elon Musk revealed the full production version of the Cybertruck to legions of supporters and potential buyers. The angular bodywork features a stainless steel exoskeleton, and to match this clearly strong bodywork, it also has shatter-resistant glass that can withstand some serious abuse, it’s not quite bulletproof but the baseball launched at it at 110 km/h didn’t have any effect. The Cybertruck can be had in rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive and the top-spec called Cyberbeast. Musk’s naming for these things is on point. The single electric motor entry model should be good for a 0-100km/h shunt of 6.6 seconds and will top out at 180 km/h all while having a decent enough 400 km range on a full charge. The dual electric motor mid-level version can hit 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds and shares the top speed of the entry truck. This one can cover just shy of 550 km, which rises by 200 km if the Range Extender is optioned. The big daggy Cyberbeast is obviously the quickest thanks to a triple electric motor setup, in Beast Modes its capable of a 0-100 km/h run of a stupidly quick 2.7 seconds, and the top speed is raised to 210 km/h. It will also flatten a quarter mile in 11-seconds dead. On this one, the range here is claimed at 515 km and that can be as much as 700 km with the range extender. This version tips the scales at over 3 tons, which makes that performance even more impressive. It can carry 1.1 tons in the load bin and can tow a massive 5 tons. It's well-suited to offroad travel thanks to sizeable 35-inch A/T tyres, and the ground clearance is a massive 432 mm. A Suzuki Jimny can go anywhere and that has a 210 mm ground clearance. Pricing starts at $69,990, or just over R1,300,000 for the entry RWD version, and the top dog is $90,990, or around R1,900,00. Not that the Rand value matters, we’ll never see it here.

Take a look at the YouTube video that covers the entire launch of the big, angular, space-age, all-electric Tesla Cybertruck. This is a creation you either love or hate thanks to that unconventional styling, and for this here SXdrv scribe, it's absolutely awesome! Sure it looks like it was designed by a toddler, but I was a toddler once: Cybertruck | Tesla

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