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The other day the automotive interwebz pretty much lost their collective minds when a 25th Anniversary edition Lamborghini Countach went up for auction at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi GP under the Bonhams banner. The reason the car garnered so much attention was because it was a star car in the Hollywood blockbuster, The Wolf of Wall Street. That’s a cool selling point for sure, but this wasn’t the mint condition car that Leonardo DiCaprio cruised around in, this was the one he drove while flying high on a cocktail of drugs and alcohol and hit every obstacle with on his drive home as if he was getting paid for it. During the movie, to make it authentic, a genuine Countach was crash-damaged. The actual crash damage inflicted wasn’t bad enough, so a bunch of the crew got to work on it with hammers and even rammed it with another car. The end result was a Countach that was pretty much beyond repair. Well, it could be repaired, but not at a worthwhile cost. When Mat Armstrong saw the car, he did a few calculations on the cost to repair and it would have been a great project if the car sold for around $600,000. When the bidding started, straight off the bat the first pricing increment started at $800,000.The hammer dropped at an insane $1,350,000. The Lamborghini was sold as a work of art, and people who collect art are weird with more money than sense. The thing is, for those who are massive fans of the movie and the car, over at rival auction house RM Sotheby’s there’s a mint-condition, fully-functioning version set to go on sale in a December auction in New York in a a couple of weeks.

This car is a 1989 Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary Edition by Bertone, one of 12 US-spec (which has that kak front bumper and rear wing) models finished in Bianco Polo over Bianco - which basically means it’s white with a white interior. It’s what the real Jordan Belfort had back in his drug-fuelled fun days. Being the actual movie car gives it an amazing provenance, which automatically adds to the perceived value of the car. Two of these 25th Anniversary Edition Countachs were used in the production of The Wolf of Wall Street. At least one other Countach, an earlier 5000 QV model was also sourced and may have been used to record engine noise for the film’s audio track. This car spent most of its life between New Jersey and Florida in its early years, and at the time of the filming, it was owned by a Lamborghini collector in Maryland. A letter from 10 March 2014 from Picture Cars East confirms that this was one of two cars used for the production of the movie, and also confirms that, of the two Countachs used in filming, this car is the non-crashed example. Later acquired by the current owner the Countach was subsequently re-fitted with its United States-specification front bumper, and its large rear wing was re-installed to return it to its factory specification. As you can see from the pics, this car is immaculate, and that iconic 5.2-litre V12 still purrs as it should still get the stunning classic up to its nearly 300 km/h top speed. The crash-damaged car was billed to fetch around $1,000,000 and surpassed that to the aforementioned $1,350,000 final bid. This 100% version is expected to pull in between $1,500,000 - $2,000,000. This just leaves us wondering if the same young chap in a baseball cap at the Abu Dhabi auction will buy this one to add it to the crashed “art car”. 

Take a look at the YouTube video, which is one of the most famous scenes from The Wolf of Wall Street where Leonardo DiCaprio's Jordan Belfort character crawls to the car you see here that's headed to auction. While these cars already fetch good money, thanks to having a blockbuster movie as part of its provenance means it will likely set a new record for a Lamborghini Countach sales price: Wolf of wall street lamborghini ride safely | Andréa CSG

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