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HiPhi is a new Chinese luxury intelligent electric technology brand jointly created by Human Horizons to establish a closer relationship between people and the world and create a harmonious yet different world experience. The first collaborative product, the HiPhi A, was recently revealed during a global livestream event from its Shanghai headquarters, and the actual physical car debuted at the Guangzhou Auto Show on the 17th of November. The HiPhi A is a seriously good-looking car with a combo of hard lines and future tech, and being an all-electric car means there’s some healthy performance on tap. HiPhi A is the product of the collaboration between HiPhi and Wesail New Energy Automotive, combining HiPhi’s battery and motor technology with Wesail New Energy Automotive’s Apollo traditional hypercar elements. David Ding, HiPhi Founder, Chairman and CEO, said, "Current trends will always continue to evolve and change with the advancement of technology and the passage of time, while classic and refined luxury has an enduring appeal. From the internal combustion engine era to the new era of intelligent electric mobility, the top hypercars should represent the pinnacle of innovative technology while still paying tribute to the classics, showcasing the transformative nature as a way to look toward the future. The combination of HiPhi’s luxury product concept, first-class development and industrial capabilities with WESAIL New Energy Automotive’s Apollo supercar elements, combined with the technical expertise and innovation from ShanghaiTech University, makes HiPhi A what it is – a true work of art for this new era."

The HiPhi A features styling that fits in with the rest of the automaker’s range complete with carbon fibre bits and a matt paint finish. There are widened fenders to accommodate decently-sized wheels and tyres to help maximise grip and traction. Even though it’s a future car, it has a sort of retro flavour to it, and we like that a lot. The cabin features the brand’s signature LuxTech details including the front-row driver-focused setup along with the revolutionary HiPhi Bot. What makes the HiPhi A cool is that it's a 4-door car with space for a family. It’s the performance that interests us though. The HiPhi A uses three electric motors, one up front with two at the rear. The motors feature an industry-leading ultra-high-speed carbon fibre rotor design, matched with full oil-cooling and magnetic cylinder coil direct-cooling technology that allows speeds of 22,000 rpm and high power output of more than 30 minutes. Combined, these electric motors can propel the HiPhi A to the benchmark 100 km/h in a smidge over 2 seconds and will have a targeted top speed of almost 300 km/h. It makes sense seeing as the power output is at a healthy 960 kW. The HiPhi A will have a limited production run and should be delivered to customers by 2025, but there’s no word on if it will be found outside of China yet.

Take a look at the YouTube video that runs through the details and specs of the latest offering from Chinese EV automaker HiPhi - the HiPi A, a rather good-looking electric car with hypercar power and performance. EVs are getting rather ridiculous, evident by the instant 960 kW of power on tap in this one: HiPhi A 2025 - 1,287 Horsepower Electric Performance Monster Unveiled | Garage Car

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