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German automaker Porsche has legions of fans worldwide, and thanks to the massive range of cars they produce, there’s a Porsche product for pretty much everyone. Sadly, not for everyone’s budget. The most iconic model in the Porsche lineup is the 911, the timeless sportscar that’s evolved over the years to become an absolute weapon. There are so many 911 models available that it’s even hard for Porsche aficionados to tell the difference between them. Back in 2018, Porsche even made a video that showed the differences between the models because at that time there were 24 Porsche 911 models to choose from, and there are now 26. These range from the cheapest in the range, the 911 Carrera, which isn’t really that cheap with a list price of R2,158,000 - and that’s in base spec without adding in the massive range of optional extras. The current top of the list is the 911 S/T, which is admittedly a limited edition version, but it will set you back a cool R 6,226,000 and it’s not even the fastest in the lineup. While the 911 is Porsche, there are other offerings that tick all the boxes for those wanting to go fast and look good while doing it - the  718 Cayman GT4 RS is the big daddy version. When the Cayman was released, it gained the online reputation of being the poor man’s 911, and those very first models back in 2006 wore the Porche badge but they didn’t offer up the usual Porsche power and performance, with just 206 kW on tap from a normally aspirated 3.2-litre lump. That’s not the case today - the range-topping Cayman is a beast, and the car’s reputation has changed so much that many Porsche fans now rate it higher than the timeless 911.

For the “bargain” price of R3,024,000 in base trim, the new Porsche's 718 Cayman GT4 RS gets a much healthier 368 kW of power with 500 Nm of torque from its normally aspirated 4.0-lire flat 6. This is because it’s been borrowed from the 911 GT3, one of the coolest 911s in existence. Shoehorning the iconic powerplant into the smaller Cayman frame was a brilliant idea, even if it may possibly take sales away from the 911. At the end of the day, a sale is a sale and the money all goes into the same Porsche bank account, so there’s no reason for Porsche to care. The car has been on the market since early 2022, and so far every motoring journalist and publication that’s had access to the car has sung its praises. It makes sense then that Porsche continues to create the coolest content around the car. This latest video shows just how good the car is when driven as intended on winding roads. These visuals are just amazing, and the soundtrack from that highly-tuned flat 6 is absolutely incredible. Would you switch allegiance from the iconic 911 to the new fast kid on the block? If it were a choice here at the SXdrv offices, we’d add the 718 Cayman GT4 RS to the garage, because it will have a place next to the original Cayman that already lives there. Yeah, we’re fans. Isn't that "sheer driving pleasure" tagline a BMW thing?

Take a look at the YouTube video from Porsche that shows off what makes the 718 Cayman GT4 RS so special, besides that mad high price tag of course. This is one very cool car that can do everything the Big Brother 911 can do, and possibly even better, depending on who you ask. We'll take ours in Shark Blue: Feel the road – the Porsche Cayman GT4 RS | Porsche

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