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When it comes to the world of BMW M cars, they’re usually customised to suit the owner’s individual tastes, which isn’t a bad thing. There are hundreds of aftermarket options from both approved and non-approved vendors that are quite successful companies that ship their upgrade parts around the world. BMW knows this, and that’s why the company also caters for owners wanting more than what you see on the showroom floor, which we guestimate is at least 80 % of owners. We get to that figure by looking at the M Performance cars in our friends' circle and also the cars we see at the numerous events we attend - an easy 8 out of 10 of them are modified. Aftermarket parrots for these cars aren’t cheap, and they’re usually a little more expensive when you’re buying them directly from BMW. There are a few good reasons for buying any optional upgrade parts from BMW, firstly they’re guaranteed to fit with the same precision as the parts that come on the mass-produced cars. Secondly, the quality is typically BMW, which means it’s brilliant. Third, you can add the price of the extras into your car finance so that owners don’t need to raid their kids’ college fund. The BMW M Performance Parts program offers a wide range of products that can help completely transform the looks of the car, as well as the power output and handling. Most of the things on offer can be had from external companies too, but we’re guessing this latest addition to the parts list won’t be available in the aftermarket sphere, well not any time soon - Centrelock wheels. This is one of those modifications that doesn’t really add to the car’s performance or handling dynamics, but it does add a fair bit of weight to the bragging rights. Centrelock wheels are usually reserved for purpose-built racecars or ridiculously expensive supercars. 

The centrelock wheels available from BMW M Performance Parts are just amazing. The wheels have optimized weight, and do come in a little lighter than regular 5-bolt pattern wheels. Centrelock wheels were developed for motorsport, and their main drawcard is that they allow for fast wheel changes during pit stops, just like in Formula 1. Each wheel is attached to the wheel hub with only one central screw-on nut. This provides a solid connection, and they should never come loose thanks to the high 930 Nm of torque needed to seat them properly. Even if the torque isn’t as high as it should be, the way rotation of the thread on the hubs runs opposite to the direction of the wheel, so they shouldn’t be able to work loose. The M Performance centrelock wheels are now available directly from BMW, and they can be had to fit the BMW M2, BMW M3, and BMW M4 are offered as a combined set in sizes 19 inches for the front and 20 inches for the rear. The lightweight forged wheels feature a Y-spoke design and they wear Jet Black mat paint, and a cool touch is the milled M Performance lettering in the wheels. They’re happy wearing a combination of 275/35R19 and 285/30R20 tyres. We’d definitely option a set of these if we were to win the lotto and add an M2 to the collection. We’d need that lotto win because we’d also order every part possible in the M Performance catalogue too, because we’re cool like that.

Take a look at the YouTube video from a ways back that shows off what the latest incarnation of the BMW M2 looks like when it's been kitted out with a bunch of optional M Performance parts. We do prefer the full kitted out version in the images though. The car already looks good in original OEM form, but the juiced up kitted version is just freaking awesome: THE M2 with BMW M Performance Parts. | BMW M

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