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As self-confessed motoring fanatics here at SXdrv, we subscribe to more motoring channels on YouTube than you can imagine, literally hundreds of them. Some are better than others, some are for pure entertainment value and others are to watch and learn. Then there are the detailers we follow. We watch these channels to learn, but mainly to relax. Yup, there’s just something cool about watching a professional detailer use all his tricks and special products to revive an old car. Barnfind cars that have been standing for years are the ones that can keep us glued to the screen for an hour or more. The process of an in-depth detailing job can be quite a cathartic experience. One of our favourite detailing channels is that of AMMO NYC run by Lawrence Paul Kosilla III, or Larry to his followers, all 2.22 million of them. Larry is at the absolute top of his game, evident by his range of bespoke cleaning products that have been tailored to be among the best in the world. A basic detail job by an expert of Larry’s level will easily cost upwards of $2,500, and when there are serious issues in the paint, it can cost a whole lot more because as the saying goes, time is money, and fixing bad paint and leather properly is a time-consuming process. When you watch the channel, you’ll notice that Larry is often commissioned to sort out some of the best supercars and hypercars in America. His scope of work includes all manner of Lamborghinis, Porsches, priceless classics and even rare concept cars like the Rimac Concept 1, a $1,600,000 slice of awesomeness. You don’t get to work on cars like this if you’re not regarded as being an industry-leading professional.

One of the latest videos on AMMO NYC is mind-blowing. He works on a brand-new, factory-fresh Ferrari 296 GTB, arguably one of the coolest modern Ferraris available. The 296 GTB features a mid-rear mounted twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre V6 engine rated to produce 487 kW, and being a hybrid there’s also an electric motor that adds in an extra 123 kW of power to take the total available to a mightily impressive 610 kW with 740 Nm of torque. Ferrari claims the 296 GTB can hit 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds and has a top speed that surpasses 330 km/h. Pretty much what you’d expect from a Ferrari supercar, but what you don’t expect is sub-par paintwork on one. The car in this video was delivered to AMMO NYC to receive a once-over and the required detailing work to get it to the condition you’d expect after shelling out over R7,000,000. The paint is shocking, there’s painted-over dust, swirl marks, polishing compound and overspray. On the inside of the left door, the paint was obviously bad at the factory, and someone picked it up and started to try and repair it, so it was flat-sanded, but that’s as far as the process got. It was left with a matt finish and it still needed a proper polish to bring the shine back. Then there’s the left rear quarter panel, the factory paint has more orange peel effect to it than an actual orange. There’s better paint on my 2004 GTi, which is quite a scary thought. The Piano Black roof can only be described as shocking. Luckily with the right tools, products and skills, Larry was able to get the paint defects sorted so that the 296 has the finish it deserves. The only thing he didn’t sort out was the dust/paint blobs under the paint because that requires more work to fix than any detailing job will do. Would you be happy with the paintwork if this was your new supercar? Let us know your thoughts.

Take a look at the YouTube video that details (ha ha ha) what the paintwork of a modern Ferrari Supercar looks like from the factory, and the massive effort needed to get it to the level of awesome you'd expect when you're forking out more money for a car than most people earn in a lifetime: $500,000 Ferrari 296 Worst Paint Ever? Sanding Brand New Supercar! | AMMO NYC

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