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Pagani Automobili is one of the world’s top hypercar manufacturers with some absolutely mind-blowing creations that not only have insane styling, but performance that will rip your eyelids off on launch and will have your heart trying not to explode as they near a 350 km/h top speed. One of their creations, the Imola, is one of the most amazing cars to look at with bespoke details hidden in the best materials money can buy. The car was launched in 2020 and was given an ultra-limited production run of just five units making it sought-after by the world’s hypercar collectors. With a sales price that was originally listed a $5,400,000 - or around R102,000,000, it's one of those cars that will hardly ever be seen in public. The world’s 1% have another chance to add one to their collections, but the eight planned production models will have one fundamental difference, the roof is gone. Taking design and aerodynamic inspiration from another of their creations, the Huayra R, the resulting Pagani Imola Roadster is a literal work of art. “Initially, we wanted to create an open-top twin of the Imola Coupé, the vehicle introduced in 2020 which paid homage to the legendary racetrack. Then we took another approach: we combined the Huayra Roadster BC’s sophisticated technology with the design and aerodynamic principles of the Huayra R track car. The result is the much more advanced and complex Imola Roadster” says Lorenzo Kerkoc – Head of Pagani Grandi Complicazioni. Engineers and designers concentrated on achieving a balance between a sophisticated system of interior air flows and an exterior profile that would generate downforce in any driving condition. They ensured that every surface served both functional and aesthetic purposes, aligning with Leonardo da Vinci’s principle of Art and Science, which guided the creation of the Imola Roadster and every other Pagani Hypercar.

Two new features optimize cooling, an enlargement of the front air intakes and the dual outlets for warm air, one is hidden in the wheel arch and the other is on the side of the bumper. Standing out at the top of the silhouette is an air scoop to maximise the effectiveness of the Pagani V12’s aspiration; the central fin minimises waves and adds stabilization, and or the first time the air scoop and the supports of the rear wing have been integrated with the hood. The body of the tail lights has been updated and new air vents extract hot air from the wheel arch at the same time to improve cooling of the rear brakes and add downforce. Every line and surface of the Imola Roadster was designed with the goal of reaching 600 kg of downforce at 280 km/h. The Roadster’s innovative Acquarello Light paint system shaves 5 kg from the overall weight while maintaining the colour’s intensity, depth, and sheen, which is rather amazing, actually. The 6-pipe exhaust system is crafted from titanium and coated with ceramic with a plasma-fusion system so it too saves weight. Even with the roof removed, the Mercedes-AMG-designed twin-turbocharged 6.0-litre V12 was given a tweaking, and so power rises from 608 kW to 625 kW and torque is rated at 1,100 Nm. Power is sent to the rear wheels via a 7-speed Xtrac sequential gearbox. The whole package weighs just 1,260 kg.

Take a look at the YouTube video from Pagani that shows off the Pagani Imola Coupe, which is pretty much the same thing besides a missing roof and a few more horses. Oddly, Pagani hasn't yeat created a video to showcase the Imola Roadster, but it's sure to come in the coming weeks or months: Pagani Imola - The powerhouse of technology for the racetrack and road | Pagani Automobili

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