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Tesla’s Cybertruck is dominating the world automotive industry news right now. It’s a monster of a thing, especially in the top-spec Cyberbeast guise that’s just gone on sale for a little under $100,000, which is not a bad price when you look at everything the car has to offer. It’s most definitely a car/thing that you either love or you hate. EV naysayers think it’s horrid, along with quite a few well-known names in the automotive journalist circles also giving it a thumbs down. Here at SXdrv, we’re fans, and for many reasons. One of the main reasons is that the Cybertruck is pretty much the very first proper modern evolution of one of the world’s most popular platforms. The very first truck (bakkie) in existence was built by Gottlieb Daimler way back in 1896, and it had a basic truck setup with a seating position up front and a load bed at the rear. It did have a rear-mounted engine, but two years later in 1898 he moved the engine up front, and that’s pretty much how things have stayed. Even now when you take a look at new truck offerings, they all look quite similar no matter the brand, the basic differences are seen in the exterior trim, but if you’re not clued up on these things you’d be hard-pressed to identify if the truck you’re looking at is a Ford, Chevy or Toyota from a few hundred feet away. Even the popular Rivian RT1, one of the most advanced electric-powered trucks has that same similar design. Tesla’s Cybertruck has evolved the platform by leaps and bounds, and even though it has that futuristic look to it that many can’t seem to get on board with, it's set to become a top seller. Thousand of prospective owners are awaiting delivery of their confirmed orders, and that list is set to grow exponentially now that the production version is here. We love the exterior design, the interior and all the tech on board, it’s quite amazing. The official launch was only around a week back now, and the interwebz is already littered with Cybertruck content. We decided to compile a bunch of the coolest videos related to the Cybertruck so you don’t need to go searching for them.

One of the most amazing things is the power the Cybertruck has on board and a popular question we see online is about its towing capabilities. This video shows off what the futuristic truck can do by pulling a trailer used in truck-pull competitions. It was compared to a rival electric truck, and even a a diesel-powered Ford F350. The results are just mad.

To prove the speed of the Cybertruck, the chaps at Tesla decided to race it against a Porsche 911 in a heads-up drag race. The Cyberbeast is capable of a 0-100 shunt of just 2.6 seconds and can cross the quarter mile in 11 seconds dead. It’s properly fast, even though that’s not the point of the thing. In this video we see the Tesla not only racing a 911, the Cubertruck does it while towing another 911.
Mr Musk wanted the Cybertruck to be as safe as all the other Teslas produced, which have already cemented themselves as the safest cars on the road. In typical Tesla fashion, he did this by doing things completely different. Instead of hidden protection beams in the doors, the truck has an exoskeleton of sorts made of a new kind of proprietary steel called HFS - or Hard FXXking Steel. It’s so strong that it can withstand a ballistic assault, which you’ll see here. Following that, you can check out how the Cybertruck fares in a proper crash test. It’s mind-blowing. The reaction from Hagerty’s Jason Cammisa says it all. If you don't want to see the full review, fast-forward to 18:00, but the full video is well worth a watch.
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