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The original Alpine A110 was quite the iconic sportscar, it was first seen in 1963 and was manufactured until 1977. It was compact, lightweight and could be thrown around like a red-headed stepchild. Those original versions cost a pretty penny these days, but they’re still seen on track in classic car classes more than holding their own. In 2017, Alpine Cars went through a massive revival and the company released a modern incarnation of the Alpine A110, and what made it so special and cool was that it looked exactly like a modern version of the classic car. Similar dimensions just with a modern twist and of course it was built with modern materials and components. For 2024, Alpine Cars has revamped the lineup and released new pricing for France, which doesn’t really help this side of the world unless you’re a Melrose Arch baller type with a few tenders and some padel courts raking in the cash. Alpine Cars currently have the A110, A110 GT, A110 S and A110 R versions available, but for the new year, they have now added in the rather good-looking and decently specced A110 R Turini. This one has been given a makeover and now features lightweight aluminium 18-inch GT Race wheels in matt black. They have also introduced a new Heritage colour available through the Alpine Customisation Workshop - Orange Corail. "Given the success of the A110 R since its launch in October 2022 and the order book filled until the end of 2024, Alpine is launching the A110 R Turini, a new version fitted with GT Race wheels for greater versatility. As a complement to the A110 R in the 2024 catalogue, the Turini version will enable us to deliver our A110 R customers more quickly," explains Antonino Labate, Alpine VP Sales, Marketing and Customer Experience.

Alpine A110 has 252 hp, it’s light, precise, lively, agile and dynamic in all circumstances. It has 18-inch Serac wheels and 320 mm ventilated discs for high-performance braking, electronically retractable exterior mirrors, and a sports pedal unit with an aluminium footrest for €65,000. The Alpine A110 GT is the sporty Grand Touring coupé with a 300 hp engine, 18-inch diamond-cut Grand Prix wheels in black, chrome side monograms, a Focal Premium audio system, an electrochromic anti-reflective rear-view mirror, heated seats, and aluminium pedals and it starts from €76,000. The Alpine A110 S has a Sport chassis, a 300 hp engine, semi-slick tyres, a specific aerodynamic kit, forged 18-inch Fuchs wheels, black boomerang headlamps and an electrochromic anti-reflective interior mirror, all from €77,500. The new addition, the Alpine A110 R Turini is derived from the A110 R and is equipped with aluminium 18-inch GT Race wheels in matt black, has the same 300 hp engine, is lower, incorporates carbon fibre for the front blade, bonnet, side skirts, rear wing, diffuser, and engine cover. It can hit 280 km/h on top and starts at €106,000. It’s a pretty decent lineup considering that Alpine is a smaller automaker and doesn’t churn out hundreds of cars a day on a massive production line. We’ve seen a classic 70s Alpine here in SA, but maybe one day we’ll see one of these new-generation Alpines here.

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows off just how cool these Alpine cars are, in this one YouTube driving star Misha Charoudin takes one around the famed Nürburgring with the car's owner riding shotgun to show how the car does the things at 10/10ths:She DID NOT Expect THE SPEED!🤣 Alpine A110 GT // Nürburgring | Misha Charoudin

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