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The crew from NOVITEC don’t mess around. When they release a new package for a car, you know it’s going to not only look amazing but it will also also be fully comprehensive, covering every aspect of the car inside and out. It’s no different for what we assume to be the last package release for 2023, a wide-body kit for Lamborghini’s Urus SUV, both the S and Performanté versions. These things are pretty freaking amazing in stock form, easily the best-looking SUV on the market. Well, it's the best-looking Super SUV, the best-looking SUV is the AMG GLE C63, but that’s a personal opinion and I won’t fight you if you disagree. Much. To be fair, there’s not really much difference between the S and the Performanté, so the bits and pieces that have been created to turn the SUV into a wide-body monster work on both cars, but it can look different depending on how the parts are finished on the car. From what we see, some of the parts added to the S version are painted body colour, and on the Performanté they’re mostly left in carbon fibre. The list of components that make up this new Novitec Esteso (Spanish for Extended) package is quite extensive, there are a few upgraded components for the exhaust system, the NOVITEC Switchtronic to fiddle with the ECU tuning, wheel spacers, a Can Tronic suspension module, that full bodykit made up of no less than 18 carbon fibre components. There is also a choice of two different style wheels, both of which are pretty damn cool and both in 23 inches. As said, this is NOVITEC, and they have the confidence and skills to tweak supercar engines too.

Even though this is an SUV, it bears the Lamborghini logo, so it’s one of the fastest of its kind in the world. As it rolls off the showroom floor, it sees the fitment of a twin-turbocharged V8 that’s rated at a high 490 kW with a monster 850 Nm of torque. In performance terms, this results in some amazing figures for a car this size, it can hoof it from a standstill to the benchmark 100 km/h in as little as a mere 3.3 seconds, and when you keep on hoofing it, the top speed limiter will kick in at an amazing 306 km/h. With performance like that, we wouldn’t blame wealthy chaps for ordering the full body kit and wheels while leaving the engine stock, but if we ever had to tailor an Urus, we’d 100 % fiddle with the power output. After the NOVITEC folk have done what they do to the ECU after the top-spec exhaust system is fitted, the power figures and performance get a healthy bump. The result ends up in a claimed 575 kW with a stonking 1,032 Nm of torque. They say this drops the 0-100 km/h time in just 3.1 seconds and the top speed rises to 311 km/h. It all counts. To give the Urus an overall package, NOVITEC also offers complete interior makeovers using the finest products money can buy. The Performanté you see in these images has some interior components that have been changed up, you can see a new Alcantara trim and some lumo green stitching bordering the seats, as well as ‘Urus’ embroidered into the seats. This is one awesome upgrade package from NOVITEC, and with an SA agent for the brand being just a few kilometers down the road, we may well see one of these on our streets one day. Here’s hoping…

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows off the latest release from the aftermarket gurus at Novitec, this time around they aimed their skills at Lamborghini's monster SUV, the Urus. The world-renowned tuner didn't just turn their attention to the aesthetics of the SUV, but they also carried out some obligatory fettling under the hood to extract a few more horses: 782hp Novitec Lamborghini Urus Performante Widebody with a new exhaust system / The Supercar Diaries | NOVITEC GROUP

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