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In honour of legendary artist Roy Lichtenstein's 100th birthday, BMW M Motorsport and PUMA have collaborated to unveil an exclusive collection, seamlessly blending the enchantment of Le Mans and the iconic BMW Art Cars into both the automotive realm and fashion wardrobes. Lichtenstein, a pivotal figure in the pop art movement of the 1950s and 60s, left an indelible mark with his comic-strip-inspired creations. In 1977, he translated his artistic prowess onto wheels, creating a masterpiece as part of the BMW Art Car project – the BMW 320i Turbo. This car, adorned with Lichtenstein's signature "Ben Day dots" and vibrant sun and cloud imagery, clinched a class victory at the prestigious 24 Hours of LeMans race. Drawing inspiration from the distinctive transformation of the sports car, the BMW Art Car Capsule Collection incorporates the iconic "Ben Day dots" across its range, complemented by a vivid colour palette. Each meticulously crafted garment in this limited-edition collection pays homage to Lichtenstein's 320i Turbo, capturing the essence of his expressive design. The collection serves as a tribute to the artist's legacy, blurring the lines between high and low art, and includes a complete outfit featuring a jacket, sweatpants, T-shirt, cap, and PUMA Suede sneakers.

This new merch colab is made up of some pretty cool pieces, there’s a bomber jacket with an all-over print inspired by Roy Lichtenstein, BMW M Motorsport branding and an embroidered PUMA logo. These have matching sweatpants with Roy Lichtenstein appliqués on both sides of the legs and a BMW M Motorsport logo on the back. There’s also a t-shirt in the same theme along with a pretty sweet cap. Finishing off the new collection are the coolest sneakers. These themed kicks are based on the old-school PUMA Suede, a 50-year-old classic, but they now feature intricately embroidered graphics on the inner side, woven PUMA Formstrips on both sides and graphics on the inside of the tongue. The Puma logo badge on the front is joined by a BMW metal pin on the heel. One of those details that highlights the exclusivity of the sneaker. The BMW Art Car Collection by Roy Lichtenstein from BMW M Motorsport and PUMA are already available via the BMW Online Shop at lifestyle.bmw.com, at selected PUMA stores and at PUMA.com. The jacket is over R4,000, but the sneakers should be around the R3,000 mark if international pricing is used as a guideline. 

Take a look at the YouTube video from many years back that shows off the actual Roy Lichtenstein BMW Art Car that was created many, many more years back. This is the car that inspired this last new drop from the BMW M and Puma colab for 2023, just in time to fill stockings: BMW Art Cars Collection - revised Roy Lichtenstein 1977 - Studio shots Trailer | AutoMotoTV

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