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Team Hoonigan travel Down Under to visit possibly the greatest rotary workshop in Australia.

Life is good when you get to travel across the globe to visit car shops in other countries. This time, team Hoonigan travel to the Land Down Under to hook up with Motive DVD, but that's just the start.

Soon, the guys travel to what is possibly the greatest rotary shop in Australia, PAC Performance. This place is piston-free heaven, with some astonishing cars sitting in their parking lot.

These guys make Billet engines, which all run sub-nine-seconds quarter miles, in cars ranging from original Datsun's to more modern Mazda RX-7's – and one fire-spitting killer RX-8, built purely for drag-racing, that does a 6.49-second run.

Every rotary fan out there needs to watch the video below, and those who don't like them should watch anyway, these cars are awesome.

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