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Check out this video of the best rotary sounds compilation.

Who doesn’t love the sound of a nicely built rotary? BRAP BRAP BRAP! These engines sound sooo angry when they rev so high – WE LOVE IT – and this video from NoPointOfThis123 has everything from drag racing to drifting rotary action!

Unfortunately, this iconic sound is a dying breed, we have to tip our hats to these few die-hard fans that keep this symphony alive for the rest of the world to love. When one of these engines fire into life the sound ricochets throughout your 206 bones and we can't help but love it.

With all the hype about hybrid and electric systems heading their way to become the mainstream, this iconic sound becomes more and more special as the years pass by.

So we found this epic compilation for you all to enjoy! Let us know your thoughts and comments.

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