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Take a look at this rather shocking compilation video on what the Tesla Sentry Mode cam captures.

Clearly, some people are not aware of Tesla's Sentry Mode and surveillance cameras!

Tesla has revolutionized car security systems with the integration of not one, but several cameras around their cars. They run off a system called Tesla Sentry Mode, which detects movement within a close proximity to potentially capture perpetrators vandalising or committing a hit and run.

The data is then stored and is accessible via the Tesla mobile app for the owner to then keep a record of.

There have been numerous cases where the Tesla Sentry Mode has been proven to be exceptionally helpful on busting people carrying out malicious and unlawful acts but, in the same breath, there have been some rather humorous ones as well!

So if you stumble across a Tesla, be sure to think twice before doing something stupid as the Sentry mode is watching you!

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, MCK Rides, on Tesla Sentry Mode Cam Compilation Top 5.

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