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Mercedes Benz has taken a completely different approach to their electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid offerings than their biggest competitor BMW in that each electric car they make is based on a completely new and innovative design whereby BMW keeps the exact same design just a different powertrain. This allows Mercedes to have the freedom of creating something rather unique and specially designed for its purpose as in the brand new Mercedes Benz Vision EQXX set for production in 2024.

Chief designer Gordon Wagener has this to say:

"There are many, many elements of the vehicle which are very close to moving into series production," he added. "We can look at the shape and form of the vehicle, and we are very close to the series car that we are going to see in 2024 with all the ingredients to make it one of the most efficient electric vehicles that exists".

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Carwow on the Brand New Mercedes Benz EQXX - It Has A 1,000km Range!

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