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Have you ever thought of the logistics of Formula 1? It is more insane than you could ever imagine.

When you watch a Formula 1 Grand Prix and get a good glimpse of the pit crews from their respective teams, and perhaps the starting grid prior to the race when all the teams are scrambling to ensure everything is in order to give the driver everything necessary to perform at his best, we take this all for granted most of the time, but these races accrue weekly in most cases around the world!

This takes an incredible amount of preparation, money and logistics to make sure that everything is prepared and set for the next Formula 1 Grand Prix in a different spot around the globe for the majority of months throughout the year.

Racing teams make use of logistical services that can guarantee on-time delivery and the lowest possible risk factor to ensure their staff, Formula 1 racecars, spare parts and accessories and high tech equipment get to the next destination safely. These services include air travel, both commercial and cargo, cargo ships and even trucks!

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel: Wendover Productions on The Insane Logistics of Formula 1.

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