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When you own a Lamborghini you become part of a worldwide club of enthusiastic Lamborghini owners, and if you know the right people and grease the right palms, you can crack an invite to one of the exclusive Lamborghini Esperienza events. Esperienza is Italian for experience, and that’s exactly what these events are - an experience. We haven’t seen a local one yet, which is a pity because it would be well-attended for sure. In the circles I’m in, there are no less than 20 Lamborghini owners who are friends or friends of friends and every single one of them would attend. They mostly take place in Europe, which makes sense because most of the coolest Lamborghinis and owners live in all those exotic countries, but the latest event under the Lamborghini Esperienza banner was hosted more than 16,000 km away on the island of Tasmania off the southern coast of Australia. The Esperienza Giro Oceania would be the first time one of these events has happened away from mainland Australia. The trip to Tasmania was set to cover over 600 km, and for some that also meant an almost ten-hour ferry from the mainland. More than 40 passionate Lamborghini owners from across the Oceania region confirmed attendance for Esperienza Giro Oceania, which ended up being a fleet of more than 20 different Lamborghinis. The epic road trip kicked off with an epicurean dinner in Launceston located along the banks of the Tamar River before a good sleep for a long day ahead. The following morning the fleet of Raging Bulls headed towards a retreat in the pristine wilderness of Cradle Mountain for a gourmet lunch before heading along more picturesque roads for an evening at a winery. Day three saw the convoy pass through Lake Leake before a lunch stop in Great Oyster Bay on Tasmania’s East Coast and then travelling on further to the accommodation in the town of Hobart.

The next morning, some guests went on a seaplane ride towards Bruny Island, and later the guests were then ferried to join the farewell dinner at the Museum of Old and New Art (Mona) as an end to the epic road trip. Francesco Scardaoni, Regional Director of Automobili Lamborghini in the Asia Pacific region said; “Esperienza Giro Oceania is designed for Lamborghini owners to fully experience the performance and agility of their Lamborghini cars while exploring the region’s most spectacular places and roads. It also represents the epitome of Lamborghini’s commitment to delivering unparalleled experiences. Tasmania’s breathtaking landscapes, combined with luxury accommodations and culinary excellence, create the perfect backdrop for our iconic driving experience. We are excited to expand our horizons and share the Lamborghini passion with our customers and enthusiasts in this unique and picturesque setting.” The attached images from the event do a lot more to explain how epic these Esperienza events are, attending one of these events with a camera in hand has just moved up a few rungs on the bucket list. The Sardinian event was just as epic, as was the one in Iceland. While those places are exotic and filled with amazing natural beauty, many places in SA can equal them. Cape Town would be the perfect place, there are amazing views, epic driving roads and more than enough luxury places to stay or stop off at. While the Cape is the obvious choice, Johannesburg and the north of the country can also offer up amazing venues and some of the most epic and scenic driving roads. You can find out the details about the various driving experiences available through Lamborghini here: www.lamborghini.com/en-en/driving-programs. If you want to see a local edition, get everyone you know related to the brand or the cars to start emailing the powers that be at Lamborghini SA. Fingers crossed.

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows off a previous Esperienza Giro Oceania that took place in 2017. It was just as cool, but it didn't cross over to the island of Tasmania. Why are you seeing an old one? Well, there's no new one. Yet: Lamborghini Oceania Giro 2017 | Lamborghini

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