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The new Lotus Emira GT4 has reached production and is ready for delivery, but it’s seen some development since the official unveiling a while back, something the new owners will surely have no problem with. Added to that, the car has also been properly homologated for competition use in GT4 classes around the world. Gavan Kershaw, Director of Vehicle Attributes at Lotus, and former British GT Championship winner has been heavily involved in the development of the Emira GT4 from the start. He commented: “The Emira road car was such an excellent starting point for a GT4, and we’ve now further refined and tuned the package with the team at RML to create what we believe is a highly competitive and performance-oriented race car. We know our customers are keen to get behind the wheel and we’re looking forward to seeing their results.” The Emira GT4 is the culmination of 75 years of innovation on the road and track, marking the start of a new era in performance GT racing for Lotus, which is fitting considering the company’s long history in motorsport. Adding to the many motoring-related anniversaries celebrated this year, it’s the UK automaker’s 75th anniversary of the first Lotus Mk1 built by company founder Colin Chapman in 1948.

After some extensive development work by the Lotus team in collaboration with motorsport partner RML Group, the Lotus Emira GT4 has seen a decent host of changes compared to the version unveiled in Norfolk. The powerplant chosen for this car is sourced from Toyota and comes in the form of a 2GR-FE V6. With Lotus doing what they do best, the engine has been tuned to produce an extra 10 % of power with the total now claimed to be 340 kW with 500 Nm of torque. The 3.5-litre V6 makes efficient power thanks to the fitment of a Harrop TVS 1900 supercharger, and it’s mated to a lightning-quick Hewland 6-speed sequential transmission, complete with paddle-shift actuation and a limited-slip diff and power going to the rear wheels. The aero has been improved to make it suitable for both tight & twisty and fast & flowing circuits, and the enhancements to the braking system and suspension see the car’s track prowess increase to even higher levels. We really like the revisions carried out, and if any confirmed new owners aren’t happy they will need to sell their car and, in the works of the original Test Drive PC game, buy a Volvo and a Cocker Spaniel. Lotus will produce the Emira GT4 as long as there are orders coming in, there hasn’t been a cap placed on the number the automaker intends on producing. If you want one, the car is listed with a selling price of £179 000, or a mere R4 200 000, give or take a few thousand, excluding taxes and shipping.

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows off the stunning Emira GT4 from Lotus Cars. Since this video was released, the car has seen a few more changes that see a significantly enhanced spec and performance, and an engine making more power along with a body featuring an optimised aero package: Lotus Emira GT4 | Lots Cars

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