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Check out these crazy optional extras car makers have offered in the past.

Here is an interesting fact: Did you know that car makers make more profit off the optional extras they offer than from the cars themselves?

That explains why there are so many to choose from. But, besides all that, there have been some rather unconventional offerings in the past that will surely have you scratching your head!

Here are the most bizarre optional extras ever offered in cars:

  • Honda City: This little Japanese hatchback was a small runabout, but Honda thought it was a pretty good idea to offer customers a small foldable scooter to fit in the boot to beat the traffic

  • Aston Martin: Aston Martin produced an entire other car as an optional extra for their customers. Essentially, what they did was rebadge a Toyota iQ and offered this to their sportscar customers

  • Pontiac Aztek: The Aztek was an SUV marketed for the offroad fans. To further help sell it, they offered an optional camping package – which, essentially, was a tent connected to the car

  • Honda CRV: Another one for the adventurous soul. This CRV had an optional showerhead that you could attach to the boot lid, with a water pump that works with your 12V socket

  • Koenigsegg Agera: Koenigsegg made their best selling hypercar that much more practical by offering an optional roof rack

  • Fiat 500: Fiat took things to another level by offing an espresso machine in the car

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Top Cars TV, on 31 Craziest Optional Extras In Cars.

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