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In 2021, for the launch of the Huayra R, Pagani Automobili announced the beginning of the new Arte In Pista program, a calendar of personalized events allowing owners of the new model, alongside those of the Zonda R and Zonda Revolución, to take it to its highest levels of performance. The essence of Arte in Pista consists of non-competitive track events at the most prestigious FIA circuits in the world, featuring both high-octane sessions and leisurely moments. The format includes a complete track experience and the technical assistance of the Pagani team, including the technical director for data analysis, track engineers and mechanics, and a motorsports physiotherapist and nutritionist. The program’s highlight is the support of professional drivers, who contribute to improving the client’s driving skills. “The Huayra R and the Arte in Pista program have expanded our clients’ experience with the Pagani brand beyond our wildest dreams, giving a new opportunity to owners of the Zonda R and Zonda Revolución as well. The demand for the Arte In Pista program, where adrenaline-seekers from around the world meet to share their common passion, led us to think about an addition to the program. It is our pleasure to share the Huayra R Evo with you, pushing the boundaries of performance and emotion even further. Let’s start by removing the roof and take it from there…” comments head Founder & Chief Designer of Pagani Automobili, Horacio Pagani. The result is a bold and aggressive vehicle designed to meet an extreme need for freedom, yet with careful consideration for safety, aimed at thrilling even the most expert driver with uncompromising performance. With a significant increase in power output, braking performance, aerodynamic efficiency, and vertical load, the Huayra R Evo can match the performance levels of the current Le Mans Prototype 2 race cars, providing an experience remarkably close to the epic world of endurance racing that has transformed drivers into heroes and sensational cars into eternal legends.

The Huayra R Evo has a bunch of key changes, up front there’s a sophisticated system of air ducts to manage the optimal distribution of cooling required for brake discs, calipers, and the radiator. This ducting system is integrated and supported by the splitter, extended forward by 101 mm, alongside it, the double row of flicks on the bonnet contributes to the aerodynamic load on the front axle, essential for maximum control during corner entry. The sinuous beltline and the shaped side sills give rise to a flow system that allows the release of air and heat accumulated in the front wheel arches and contributes to generating an airflow that aerodynamically cleans the rear engine compartment. This is complemented by a 190 mm extension at the rear, following the ‘codalunga’ (long-tail) concept. The rear hood supports the newly introduced central stabilizing fin and the integrated supports within the wing, featuring metal side flaps. The body is completed by a rear extractor that incorporates aerodynamic fins to streamline rear airflow The new design incorporates Class A carbon fibre that was specifically developed for the Utopia and has contributed to a 38% increase in stiffness characteristics at the same weight. The new Pagani V12-R Evo powerplant has been equipped with the most modern technology derived from the racing world and so the twin-turbocharged 6.0 litre V12 now creates a mind-blowing 662 kW with 770 Nm of torque. Changes were made to the intake manifold with a new trumpet design, new camshafts, new calibration of the control unit, and the design of the exhaust system. The 6-speed sequential gearbox was designed in collaboration with HWA AG and dedicated only to the Huayra track lineage. It features a 3-sintered metal disc racing clutch so that the non-synchronized dog ring gearbox guarantees a 95% friction efficiency, and it weighs just 80 kg. The tweaked suspension improves in stability and precision thanks to the new heave damper system, and the braking system has been enhanced with the brand-new CCM-R self-ventilated carbon-ceramic discs paired with bespoke racing pads. The Pagani V12-R Evo wears Pirelli P Zero slicks all around. There are loads more changes to make the car even more special than it already is, which you can catch up on in the video and the bazillion online reviews that will soon litter the world’s automotive feeds.

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows off the most amazing version of the Pagani Huayra to date, but it also features an explanation of the evolution of the hypercar by the main man behind bringing the world these next-level hypercars - Horacio Pagani: Horacio Pagani tells the genesis of the Huayra R Evo [English Subs] | Pagani Automobili

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