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We all know very well that not everything you see on TV is true, but sometimes we can only imagine how cool it would be if it were true! Like for example, in some futuristic Sci-Fi movie they might display some crazy car from the future that looks so sleek and packs in some incredible features!

That is the case for quite a lot of movies in the past, regardless of just how fictional they might be.

Here are the top 10 fictional movie cars of all time:

  1. Audi RSQ - iRobot
  2. Lightning McQueen - Cars
  3. Lexus 2054 - Minority Report
  4. Flip Car - Fast & Furious 6
  5. The Nautilus Car - League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen
  6. Light Runner - Tron Legacy
  7. The Spinner - Bladerunner
  8. The Police Cars - THX 1138
  9. The Gigahorse - Mad Max Fury Road
  10. The Tumbler - Batman - The Dark Knight Trilogy

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